Whitney’s Surpise Comeback

Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina Singer Whitney Houston made a surprise return to the spotlight last night, taking to the stage at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks show in London, England. Rumors had Whitney performing but instead she stepped onto the stage decked out in a gorgeous white Valentino dress and introduced the final catwalk show of the night, while Patti Labelle and The Sugarbabes ( A British version of Destiny’s Child) sang Lady Marmalade. As you all know, Whitney is trying to make a comeback in 2008 and random appearances, while looking like a million bucks, is generally part of the comeback strategy. Hopefully Whitney will return to the U.S soon and grace her American fans with not just an appearance but an performance. I know the world, like myself, wonders if Whitney’s pipes are as incredible as they used to be.

More pics from this event can be seen on page 2 and 3.


  1. I know the world, like myself, wonders if Whitney’s pipes are as incredible as they used to be.

    The answer is no. Just as smoking ruined Mariah’s voice, it has probably done the same to Whitney’s. Plus Whitney did drugs which more than likely had an even worse effect than the smoking did. Don’t get me wrong though I am not a hater, just stating the facts. I wish Whitney luck too but her voice was shaky years ago and I know it has only gotten worse.

  2. Mother and daughter are looking good. Whitney’s face however still shows the signs of her drug use. Her eyes are so tight now. She looks like she can barely see out of them.

  3. :iagree: :brownsista: yeah Cree I wondeer can she sing as good as she used too, dose she still have it?

  4. Whitney’s voice may be damaged because of the cigarettes, but one thing is for sure, she has blessed us with timeless classic music that we can still sing along to forty years from now.


  5. She is looking good and I am patiently waiting for her big comeback. She has the vocals (can’t lose what is naturally given) and I’m sure that as her voice has matured and aged, it has only gotten better like a good port.

  6. Whintey looks good and her daughter has grown to be a pretty teenager. I think that her voice has matured but she still has it. I can’t wait until she comes back. I will always love you Whitney :thumbsup:

  7. She looks so healthy, I’m glad she is trying. Tryin gis the first start. Go Girl!

  8. Mother and daughter are looking great. I had no idea Whitney was trying to quit the drugs. That is wonderful seeing how her behavior in public was diffucult for her daughter to bear. Even if she dosen’t do it for herself, she should do it for her daughter!!

  9. I want to see Whitney make a comeback. With God all things are possible. I hope she comes back better than before.

  10. Well even if Whitney’s voice isn’t in “comeback” shape, I hear her daughter’s voice can rival her mother’s. Wouldn’t that be something?

  11. Maybe her voice won’t be exactly the same, but if she has even 75% of what she had in her heyday I’ll take it over! Can’t wait to hear some new material, and some performances. Whitney and Bobbi Kriss are looking very good.

  12. Whitney Houston has survived, what killed Billie Holiday and Elvis Presley just to name a few! Whitney is about to rewrite the history books with her new ablum!!!!!!! All of you negative, doubters are going to eat your own words!

  13. Whitney looks great. She looks like she’s put on some weight, which for her is a great thing. I pray that she is able to make a come back next year. I have always been hopeful that she would pull it all together and come back so fierce that people forget about all the drama.

  14. whitney looks amazing and she has the best voice in history!

  15. She was on those words though wasn’t she. She sounded over proper, lol. But I love her. On her worst day the top chicks out here can’t hold her. That’s talent.

  16. well
    britney made a comeback i think whitney could do just the same.
    to me whitney houston is a legend and if she could no longer sing she wouldnt be recording a new album. her voice changed in 2002 and even on her 2003 one wish album you can see the change but the magic was still there and still kicked out great vocals. so for her 2008 comeback i do think her album should be good. all singers age so do there voices if anything i believe there is still some magic left in whitney yet.

  17. 🙂 SHE looked amazing Eneryone diserves a 2nd chance and she got it!!!!!!
    i thought she would be to cracked out and to caught up in the divorce that it
    would be impossible for her even to look right!!!!!!!! Whitney you keep strong
    and dont let people keep you down!!!!!!!


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