Who Is Sasha Fierce?

It appears the return of Sasha is upon us and she has brought an entire movement with her. A “Who is Sasha Fierce” website and Myspace page have been set up and even a shop of “I am fierce” merchandise has cropped up. So who is Sasha Fierce? Well, she is a publicity whore and she is here to take over the world. Have you figured out who Sasha Fierce is yet? Are you ready for Sasha Fierce? Well ready or not, Sasha Fierce is about to descend on us for at least the next year or two. Okay, I know you all know who she is by now, but what I want to know is how will Sasha Fierce be used to promote this era and when will she make her official debut?

Whos is Sasha Fierce Website

Sasha Fierce Myspace Page

Sasha Fierce Gift Shop

Brown Sista thanks Vanilla Sherbet


  1. wtf i always thought sasha was a crazy idea but this just gets weird.

  2. even Beyonce is bored with Beyonce. Chick trying re-introduce her brand :lol2:

  3. The B is back!!!! It’s on like a pot of beans yall!!!! :bowdown:

  4. Its just another way to sell that dereon, and i hope she is thanking Tyra for ‘fierce’ we know that that is her pet word, nothing beyonce does is original. The fools will fall for it though.

  5. truth be told, does anyone OWN the word fierce? Show me that patent Baby LOL.

    The only Sasha Fierce I know who is Pop/Rnb/Hip Hop is B…unless somebody is doing a total rip-off [Intentional/not LOL]. If it’s a rip-off, it will be crazy because I imagine some fans will start puchasing the goods.

  6. I’m not even going to say HATERS any more eventhough thats what most of you are, so i’m am know going to use BLOCKERS. ya’ll some real BLOCKERS right now!

  7. For those of you not in the know- the fierce photo above is of a glove and Beyonce was seen wearing it in her Single Ladies video. Also, something very cool I just discovered- if you view that pic via your cell or PDA, you will see Beyonce’s face superimposed in the background.

  8. oh lawd , first janet with her alter ego Damita now B! Well at least she’s giving something her fans can look forward to 😆

  9. I absolutely love the publicity wagon Beyonce is on. In entertainment, there has to be some fun and changes. You can’t be one dimensional and think that that is entertainment. I think this is a great way to show the many sides of her, which is what she stated she wanted to share with the public. Great Job, Beyonce!

  10. Hmmmm….

    The glove is reminiscent of Janet’s Rhythm Nation.

    I don’t really know what to think of Beyonce and her entire “Sasha” or “Sasha Fierce” alias…. 🙄

  11. This is unbelievable. Ealier this year Ciara announced that her album Fantasy Ride would be split into 3 discs representing mid-tempos , ballads and high enregy dance songs. One disc was called Crunktown, the other Groove City and the final disc would be called Kingdom of Dance.

    Fast Forward >>>>>>>>>

    Beyonce’s first single is called If I Were A Boy . Ciara had a similarly titled hit called Like A Boy which was also shot in Black & White and she was dressed like a boy as does Beyonce in her latest video.

    But wait for it…..>>>>>>>>>>>

    Beyonce New Album will include two different discs. Disc 1 is called “I Am Beyonce”, and Disc Two is title “I Am Sasha”, differentiating two different styles; “I am Beyonce” will include ballads and mid-tempos while Disc 2 will consist on faster tracks.


  12. Afrochic you HAVE to be a stan. How do you even know what the supposed album titles are supposed to be? *dead* That was only on Beyonce’s FANBOARD and not in a press release or anything. Wow. Obviously she has done something original for you to follower her like that. It will be ok. You will get your copy of the C.D in due time for you to “compare” some more.

    I think this is a good campaign idea in this new media technology age. It is her job and her marketing teams job to promote the album in the most effective way possible. This seemz to be a crazy idea but a great one at the same time.

  13. Afrochic, actually many of her fans have been wanting Bey to do a double disc for a long time now. One with uptempos(Sasha) and another slow tempos(Beyoncé). People have been doing double discs long before Ciara. Of course, it is not original but it is still a cool. Besides, she did the whole deluxe CD in which she paid most of the videos so I see it as the next step if she does decide to a Double Disc.

  14. afrochis
    I noticed girl! But don’ t worry good has his way! :brownsista:

  15. Actually didn’t Nelly do the two concept discs first? Sweat and Suit? One uptempo cd, and one more mellow, midtempo cd….?

  16. BWYONCE FANS have been asking for a beyonce vs Sasha album since Sasha was born!!!..lol

  17. Thought so….so this was just another lame attempt at comparing her to Ciara. :stop: Epic fail. Also, I hadn’t heard that Bey was even releasing two discs, but I guess time will tell.

  18. @Lola. It is more speculating than anything until Sony/Columbia comes out say Double disc, then I won’t believe it. But after having a deluxe disc, this is kind of like the next progression. And she actually did a song with both personas(Beautiful Liar before Shakira was on it) so it is the natural progression.

  19. Tht’ s the reason can’t nobody support her she did great with iiwab And now she is replunging in the madness!!!! :noway: You can’ t please everyone beyonce! Stick to the mature, grown up formula if you loose some people you’ ll gain a lot more of them! but if you try to play the two fronts you’ ll loose plain and simple! :bag:

  20. very interesting…………..sasha? why is anybody surprised ? she knows who her fans are a bunch of laquita,janisha,meosha,keeosha and dem`……! man beyawnce is going sstraight to the wall…..!

  21. @Oliver
    “she knows who her fans are a bunch of laquita,janisha,meosha,keeosha and dem`…”
    UR comments are just PURE IGNORANTS!!!!

  22. What’s up Liyah :iagree: and at the same time some of the comments above are too funny :lol2:

  23. :hifive: Whatup real talk. Yes the comments are funny! All I have to say is “What the Hell?”
    I don’t feel like being attacked by fans today.

  24. Actually…Mariah did it first (at least within my memory) with her “Bianca” character from the “Heartbreaker” video. I distinctly recall the character having a website of its own or something, though Mariah quickly abandoned the concept. It’s a great gimmick for Beyonce (for any artist), but sometimes it can grate when the people who’ve done things before are forgotten because the present person/entity is so famous (ie. True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse and the Twilight fans that think the series is ripped off that YA series).

  25. 🙄 this is crazy an yall fans no stan because fans dont act like that :noway: yall really take up for her like shes fam u know what its funny because when i was young i use to act like that over brandy that was my girl back then .. BUT THAT HOLE SASHA THING I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE IN THE BEGININ BUT NOW THATS JUST CRAZY AN YOU SHOULD HEAR PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT LIKE ITS A REAL PERSON ON BLOGS THAT IS …I MEAN WHEN PEOPLE CALL HER ON THINGS HER STANS NOT FANS :noway: SAID NO ITS WAS NOT HER IT WAS SASHA WHO DID THAT NOW TELL ME THAT DONT SOUND CRAZY :lol2:

  26. UMMM, Afrochic & Voice :stop:

    Please tell me where in this video did Beyonce dress like a man! Umm, you do not that there are women cops! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Folks really need to get a life!

  27. ^^ Edit, If should say…. :stop: Afrochic & Voice, where does Beyonce dress like a boy in the video! She’s a lady throughout the whole song! Umm, woman are officers! 😆

  28. I think Beyonce is only releasing 10 songs but if any of you have every bought a Gospel CD you will notice many of them are double CDs.

  29. @ Afrochic :stop: yeah that ciara comparison is soooo lame…beyonces song is completely different from hers just because it has the word boy in it you think of ciara and i was one of the first people on her to say dont compare the song untill you hear it…also as someone else stated…she was a woman through out the whole video…go watch it again…

    as for this promotional idea…its genius because it has everyone interested…fan or not….and of course they are going to try to do everything they can to have beyonce everywhere…ITS THEIR JOB DUH! please people get off it its really not that serious

    as for the two disk i kinda like the idea…some people loved dangerously in love and hated bday some like the opposite and some liked both…why not give us two disk showing new stuff from both sides? it makes sense to me

  30. People will take up for Beyonce not matter how much she steals something, I am amazed because if this were Ashanti, Ciara, or Rihanna, Beyonce fans would be saying they took that from Beyonce. I must agree with earlier comment, Beyonce is a biter and even though its so hard for people to believe its true.
    Alica’s Album was AS I Am and now Beyonce is I Am, come on thats just one example. Beyonce is nothing original or new, when she dances its on point but she brings nothing else to the table except for her looks. (Go ahead call me hater, that word doesnt scare me because im an adult)
    Her time is limited, dont believe me now jst wait

  31. IM SURE SOME PEOPLE SAID TINA TURNER TIME WAS LIMITED WHEN SHE WAS FIRST DOING HER THING A LONG TIME AGO…AND LOOK AT HER NOW…STILL DOING HER THING people will always bring you down thats why you will see beyonce everywhere and for a long time…because im sure she will make it one of her goals to be a legend that the will take proving you wrong that her time isnt limited…not saying that her time isnt limited….i have no way of telling that i just try not to talk negative about peoples career

  32. ElleDreams
    I don’t see the similarity like you do at all. Alicia Keys’ album “As I am” seems like she’s saying “Take me as I am” like the Mary J Blige song. B’s SUPPOSED ‘title’ ” I Am…” is more likely saying I am this or that.

    You’re simply looking for a reason to hate. Check this out…this ‘title’ [just like the other one] is NOT yet confirmed by B’s camp. The album is still UNTITLED as of now.

  33. :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: ….lets just give it up folks to an unorginal playa in the game!!!! take advantage of the poor and unfortunate and take all the money u can while it last!!!! it was a fool once…but not twice…. :noway: ..whats up Kelly Michelle,
    Fariah, Latavia and Letoya!!!

  34. @ElleDreams :stop:
    Alicia keys – “As I am” is like u know who I am love me for me!!!
    Beyonce – “I am” is saying I am this I am that. This cd is her telling us who she is alot of people dont know much about who she is as a person
    The titles mean 2 different thing.

  35. WOW!!!!! This is getting scary. This young lady is starting to go Michael Jackson on us. Sometimes in the name of fame you get caught up in your own hype. I believe we are witnessing that right now. This is what happen when you don’t stop to take a breather. You begin to just loose it. I believe she is definately loosing it. And for the people who don’t think that she chose that album title on purpose because it worked so well for Alicia you all are nuts just like Sasha.

  36. Elle : I tought the same thin, then again beyonce is nowhere near alicia,
    she could come out with an album named “as i am” with the same song than alicia sashaed up, and it wouldn’t sell like Licia did :noway:
    So the comparison Is pointless, Lets not forget that to me Bey is Only starting to R&b’ Up she is a pop artist In my eyes
    But i get your point Sister, but in her defense There is no copyright on the “i am just like you” anthems.


  38. GAWSH! Beyonce is an entertainer/business woman,duuuuh she is suppose to create gimmicks and ideas to sell herself to the public. I think it is pretty kewl. Stop the hate and work on yourselves possibly you may even come close making the millions this queen is generating and counting. Lol!

  39. I’ll just block out her and the original weaved robot like I always do…. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

  40. @ sassydancer,

    But what of those who say that she is pure talent and doesn’t have to ‘rely’ on gimmicks to compete? I’ve read that many a time in reference to her being compared to Rihanna, Ciara, hell EVEN JANET, but now it’s ‘okay’ to use a gimmick? Okay because you’re Beyonce? 😆 Oh, the hypocrisy!

    I think this is a fun idea. I think also she should use whatever means she has to promote her album. I’m already waiting on a Swizz-Beatz-remix to “If I Were A Boy”. You know there’ll be one; has to, something for the club kids to snap to. 😆

  41. Well I don’t know what to say…. This is the kinda thing you do when you are really desperate…. But I get the idea of what she is trying to do create hype around her and the release of the album….

    But the odd thing is, it would work for her, people will buy these t-shirts and other merchandise.

    But i can’t help but :lol2: 😆 :lol2:

  42. Wow….the word hater was used several times here-as it always is when it comes to Beyonce. That word should be banned from the English dictionary—until people know how to use it in the right context. Everything people say is not hating. But anyways…….it’s cute and sickening all at the same time. If people want txt in and call to guess “Who is Sasha Fierce” by all means-be crazy and go ahead. The world is going to hell in a hand basket–and people who I am guessing who are supposed to be semi-mature are arguing over whether or not the chick is original. She isn’t. No one is in the music industry is–the only thing original about her is her name. And honestly….I wouldn’t dare name my child Beyonce (but that’s a different story). But then I guess that makes me a hater huh? :lol2:

  43. I try not make comments on such ridiculous subjects, but this is for the birds. I just watched both videos and I see plenty of mockery material from other artist. But I do think at times most entertainers will pull something from history to use.
    As usual she will probably make millions from her CD of mediocracy.

    Glove=Janet… Black & White video=Janet (several times).
    Boy reference = Ciara and I am sure other things from other artist.

    Damita is not an alter-ego of Janet, it happens to be her middle name.

    Much luck to Bey.

  44. @kanyande and what is your point? Ahhhhhh me beyonce are you friggin on psyche meds or what? Anyhoo bey do your thing as usual you are crushing the industry and millions have your back.

  45. Beyonce is one of the few singers who can pull it off a stunt like this.

  46. I really hate when people call this girl a queen. She has many years to go

  47. she is unoriginal,the last time it was shakiras swagger she copied on dejavu and the weird spanish malarky,look she got no talent,no ideas,the only thing she has and will ever have is money,kelis and rihanna slays her,poor fefe dobson,rihana steals swagger\beyonce steals her song if i were a guy and changed d last word 2 boy,iron gloves,lmao(laughing my ass out)ohhh jesus bey your days r numbered

  48. DUH,who is sasha?shes a dying star with no ideas with a fish lip husband,ook yall gotta go hear ciara song titled echo produced by danja,hott\she couldnt do soul cos solange did it,couldnt do pop like she promised cos michelle did it,couldnt do pop\rock cos rihanna did it,so she had to bring d ballad malarky and d sasha\get me bodied bull,i feel sorry for her cos she really is working hard,but ummm its just too childish,rihanna is gon take advantage of her phuck up n brit 2,poor 90,000 album sellin solange.

  49. I’m a Beyonce fans and even I can see that this is pure madness.

    She is trying too hard and thats alwas a turn off. Loving the singles tho

  50. Yet again she has proven that she has no creativity :thumbsdown: If she wants to get back on top she’s gotta do better than this

  51. Have you guys heard. She is releasing a two disc CD. One CD will be ballads and the other dance tunes.

    She is determined to become the second coming of Michael Jackson.

  52. She is determined to become the second coming of Michael Jackson.

    Word? 🙁

    Hmmm….then she should really try the themed album. “Off the Wall”, “Thriller”, “Bad”…all were cohesively themed records. “Dangerously in Love” was a cornucopia of songs, but at least mostly r&B while for me, I felt “B’Day” was all over the place. We shall see. :brownsista:

  53. @ sassydancer,

    I thought my point was clear. Basically I’ve read on other music blogs fans (nay, stans) talking DOWN about greats like Janet Jackson, saying that ‘now’ she has to rely on ‘gimmicks’ to perform, to promote, to ‘be’. They compared her to Beyonce who they said DOESN’T NEED THE GIMMICK SCHTICK in order to sale records. I was merely positing the overall WTFness of it.

    Basically I restated what I posted above.

    Am “I” on psyche meds or is Beyonce? Who is that directed to?

    Anyhoo bey do your thing as usual you are crushing the industry and millions have your back.

    😆 I got a visual of Beyonce-stans (not fans), legions of them, DRONES, following blindly, drinking the kool-aid. 😆

  54. what an idiot…so sick of her and the songs are WHACK! and why would shawn want his wife dancing around like a ho…oh wait i get it that was sasha. so i guess it’s okay for beyonce to use an “alter ego” to cover up her hoing sluty ways. NEXT… :loser:

  55. Ok,

    It seems as though only intellectuals will think that Beyonce is lame. I always wondered how come her fanatics are so crazy. why is it that this girl can prove how wack she is time and time again and her fanatics defend her on blogs , go buy $200.00 tickets and purchase her cd. However I started thinking that stupid people enjoy stupid things. Beyonce was on BET and they asked her if she could ask Obama a question what she would ask. OK BRACE YOURSELF !

    Beyonce stated that she would ask him how he gets the courage to speak in front of so many people.

    Who thinks this is a dumb answer. How can she ask this. I mean does it no take the same courage to peform and show the world your body parts when you are gyrating all over the stage. She does some movements that I only show my man, and I consider myself valuable and extrememly sexy so this sexiness is not for every long eyed boy. Anyway. Beyonce proves time and time again that she is an excellent performer because she used all of her energy to be just that. Unfortunately Beyonce did not invest any time into her mind. SHe is really inarticulate and ingenuine. SHe plays all these games, gets caught in her lies so many times.

    When she started saying that she wrote songs and writes the songs on her album I never believed it. I was a fan, and at that point I still did not believe it. The girl speaks like a moron and she I hate that. I was raised in my father’s business and from the age of 5 I was performing roles that adults got paid for- anyway at this time my dad told me that I should always want to be more than just a pretty girl, and I always valued that. Today I have 10 years of Univ Edu on my plate and I am a General Manager. Dont get me wrong, I am proud and happy for Beyonce that she is making money. However, I just see her as fake and ingenuine. I also hate that she is overated. I wonder if she ever reads when she is in flight. – She really needs to read.

    IN addition, fanatics please be objective praise her for 1) being pretty, 2) being photogenic 3) for being a hard worker with drive and ambition 4) for being an energetic performer.

    However when it comes to ICON , BEST artist and all that Jazz I just become extremely annoyed. SHe is not original and she steals and manipulates. She sells her body like a whore and she does not impress me. I respect Alicia

    ANd Yes it very stupid to name your album after an album that another artist put out 1 year ago. Yah one word is missing but please 2 words are the same. I guess she does not have the intellect.

    I would say that maybe you cant be beautiful and smart- oops many are that- shoot I am that. Beyonce needs to upgrade her damn self. Read a book Beyonce. Read a book.

  56. SnijanaFleurVOTE THIRD PARTY SILENT MAJORITY writes, : NoTimeToGaze writes, “only intellectuals will think that Beyonce is lame”.

    S/he is telling us he’s an intellectual LOL. No intellectual will write that sentence. Case close.”

    No wonder you are a Beyonce fanatic. Your sentence did not contain any deductive or inductive reasoning. So you are proving my point.

  57. NoTimeToGaze how do you define a fanatic? Also, how did you derive to the conclusion that am a B fanatic by my statement?

    You inform us you’re an intellectual…albeit indirectly. Are you denying this? In addition, you state only intellectuals find her lame. Do you have a survey that support your claim? An intellectual would back up his claim with a credible study/source. Also, an intellectual would not generalize B’s fans, nor would s/he generalize her non-supporters. You did neither. Therefore, you’re not an intellectual. You’re simply a pompous poser.


  59. ok Im probably really retarded but who is Sasha Fierce, I mean seriously people are like you probably know already but no I dont…… is it something like T.I. does with T.I. vs. T.I.P. or yea can someone please tell me if you know??

  60. i love beyonce! i can’t wait for the I AM albums to come out! this photo reminds me of shontelle! they kind of look a like!

  61. she does not look like beyonce at all. Your stupid. but shontelles album might be good. i like her album cover.pretty sure its on her myspace

  62. Wow…ya’ll are getting deep. Bee is a legend but this is the year for the freshmen. I’m rooting for Shontelle – something original and fresh

  63. i’m just saying…B comes out with the same tune! Shontelle looks sooo pretty cover…not all done up like Beyonce most of the time.

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