Keke Wyatt: Who Knew?

Who knew that R&B recording artist Keke Wyatt would come back onto the music scene with a fresh look and a hot new single to go right along with it? Wyatt’s sound is truly welcomed. It’s refreshing and it’s reminiscent of that 90’s R&B music that most of us loved and cherished so much.

It’s seems ages ago since the release of Wyatt’s debut album, “Soul Sista.” With a certified gold album under her belt, it appeared as though Wyatt was well on her way to securing a top spot in the music industry. But after label changes and the failure of her record label to release her sophomore album, “Emotional Rollercoaster,” it appeared as though the opportunity for Wyatt to capitalize on the successful of her debut album was surely fading away.

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  1. I have always loved Keke’s voice! I like this new song “Who Knew?”, but I hope that she has some slow ballads reminiscent of “Nothing in This World” with Avant on this new album as well. If so, I will definitely go out and buy it.

  2. it’s unbelievable how small she is now. she used to be a plus size sister! i sure hope i can get my shape back together after my son is born

  3. I guess yall forgot about that little incident where she stabbed her manager/husband? Maybe that had something to do with why she fell off.

  4. LOVE her song with Avant for a WHILE I always thought that was Kelly Price.

  5. don’t forget about the “beyonce’ wants to be what i am” incident as well.

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