Who’s That Chick?

Rihanna fans got an early Christmas present today in the form of a new video. “Who’s That Girl,” a track that may or may not be featured on the singer’s upcoming “Loud” album was produced by French DJ David Guetta and the video was reportedly made weeks ago. It is hard to imagine a singer as huge as Rihanna being able to make a video in secret, but she somehow managed to do it and without one single image leaking. Rihanna’s luck ran out however and now the entire video has been leaked.

SRP Records is none to happy with the leakage and says it is now unclear whether the song will appear on Rihanna’s upcoming album.


  1. Surprisingly, I love it! It’s so vibrant and colorful and fun! And Rihanna isn’t so stiff as she usually is on stage. Loved it! 🙂

  2. I don’t know where Rihanna got it from, but she’s got it. SMH Some people have it, Rihanna owned whatever this was, fits her perfectly.

    She has mass (white) appeal and even I’m always intrigued by her but I wouldn’t buy her record but for a coaster or to recycle the pages and plastic, I know better. hehe


  3. I love it and it’s different for her. I don’t think that this leak will hurt her one bit being that the release date is suppose to be November 2. Supposedly.

  4. This looks like a much more successful attempt at going down the route Kelly Rowland was trying to go

  5. this is a Doritos commercail..a new endorsement dat was suppose to be comin out in october…the damage is already done…def jam can stop trying to remove the vids cause ppl have ripped it already and as one goes down another one goes up…….just goes to show the anticipation for her new music…i happens to everyone once in a while

  6. Love it! It’s fun! I am not interested in buying her products but she’s interesting.
    Dear Only Girl, you speak as if you know what is going on. All ears:-)

  7. Watching this vid made me feel old. Sort of like I just watched a segment of “Disney” characters display just how to keep our little ones dumbed down.
    Damn…How old is Rihanna alread???
    One moment she’s Goth and the next she’s a damn Barbie doll. What is she Bi-Polar?? Come to think of it, it’s not fair to us and our children. I honestly feel that if you allow any of this crap into your home. It also brings unclean spirits…i.e.,Your daughter wants to dress like on her Barbie time and agress because it’s really cute. Now your daughter you to allow her to dress up in Goth, And you don’t want to hear that because No is No!!! Well now we’ve got a problem depending on how you are raising them. And I still say this was’nt of God.
    then Oh Lawdy…Here comes Willow…

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