Why Can’t They Let a Sista Be Great?

I bet that is what Beyonce and her camp must be thinking in light of the latest rumor to surface about the booty shaking diva.

According to an anonymous email that was sent to bloggers, including this one, Beyonce Giselle Knowles reportedly used a dance body double for certain scenes in her “Run the World (Girls)” video- specifically from the 1:05 mark to the 1:43 mark.

Apparently someone thought Beyonce’s head looked like it was digitally placed on a thinner and better dancer’s body.


Now did Bey’s head and shoulders look odd during the opening dance sequence? Yes. But I think that can be chalked up to her wardrobe, which had most of her neck hidden by a large necklace and furry vest.

So what does the Bey camp have to say? So far nothing. Like Britney Spears, who dealt with a similar issue when she released her “Till the World Ends” video, they will probably ignore it until someone like Piggy Hilton picks up the story?

Check out the video again below and let us know what you think by answering our poll question of the day.


  1. Clearly its the choker she has on her neck. The reason her head seemed bigger is because she was dancing and pushed her face out. Neck In, Smaller head. Next out, Bigger head. PLUS, the other bloggers spilled the Lipton that this was brought to the blogs by a irate Ciara stan. PATHETIC!

    On a positive note, the vid got over 3 million views in one day. GOOD JOB BEYONCE!

  2. How do you know it was an irate Ciara fans? 😆

    I don’t believe the rumor either but laying the blame at the feet of a so called Ciara fan is a b i t c h – a s s stan move.

  3. Beyonce fans move quick to shut down ish they don’t like.

  4. Did you read. 3 top bloggers CONFIRMED that it was a well know CIara stan who sent this. Why would they lie?

  5. We all know the rumor is a lie because we have common damn sense. It is the fact that spiteful Beyonce fans who can’t keep Ciara’s name out there mouth would blame this on one of her fans. And what is a top blogger? None of these work at home nobodies know anything except what they are told.

  6. Now did we even need this post?..Ridiculous.

    They say her stans are “crazy”, but her naysayers just might have them beat.

  7. We all already know that she can dance. damn haters, they come up with anything to tear someone down.

  8. I don’t believe it was a Ciara stan, but someone hoping to help boost the single by creating controversy over the video, so more people will view it and get excited about it (perhaps, a Beyonce stan)…Arnold S. is the hottest of hot topics right now…Gaga and JT doing saturday nite live…she’s “Most influential”…over Oprah, ok…this is a ploy…of course, people want to see Beyonce fail, but right now it’s not about her…when she releases the next single…or the next one…it might be…the people who are trying to tear her down are the ones who stood by while she released this song as her lead single and made such an extravagant video of an otherwise acutely mediocre song. As tight as Jay-z’s music is and being the one to sign and nuture Rihanna’s career, you would think he would have said, babe, “I dunno about this one?” It’s evident Beyonce run’s her own world and has constantly worked against conventional thinking and it worked, her old manager even said it. But, it’s a different playing field.

    If it was a Ciara stan, how is this any different than any other delusional stan?

    I say it’s a marketing ploy hoped to become a trending topic…to pique interest, when a hot single will do it even better!

  9. Hmm I don’t think she used a body double, BUT I think she may have her body photoshopped a little to where she looked a bit leaner.

    Yes I know Bey lost a lot of weight, but her thighs looked super thin (almost like a white girls with no curves) during the part where people thought she had a body double.

    Either that, or its because her head looked so big sticking it out, it made the rest of her body look smaller 🙂

  10. The Anonymous person was a Ciara stan. Angel, The Creator of Concrete Loop Said it yesterday on twitter because she als got the same email and recognized who it came from. And new that the whole story was made up. Beyonce’s Stylist Ty hunter Already said on twittter “BODY DOUBLE lol,100 men 140 girls in the video ask them!” @iBrandonAnthony was one of the dancers in the video and said that Beyonce did the whole routine right in front of his eyes. Beyonce has hung herself upside down, Danced in heels for yrs and people still feel like they have to question her dancing ability.

  11. Who gives a shit, I don’t see Blogs pulling out the race card when Britney got called for using a body double in her most recent video

    Face it Bey is not the greatest person on the planet, people acting she is Jesus because she can shake her ass and hipS in heels LOL

    If this is a rumour, which probably it is, her camp put it out because she is not a hot topic right now Girls is not even in the US iTunes Top20, despite that AI premeire

  12. @FOOREAL

    Her vid got 5 million views on youtube in a day. Also her her single is sitting @ #31 on Itunes from #187. This was not from her camp.

  13. Cynthinia : You better Preach!I don’t care, NOBODY CARES. If she used a body double good for her she can’t do it all, if she didn’t good for her she can do it all. So what ? Really so what ? When they are not purposely starting fights with non fans and then saying “beyonce’s post got 20 post she is the best”, they start silly stuff to put beyonce’s name in people’s mouth, I watched the video, it’s cool , NEXT. Haters my Big butt, The real question is why won’t beyonce’s people let her be ? I know i would like her much better if my nerves weren’t so worked on by those stupid buying multiple copies move, and creating contreversy, and posting under different aliases to tell sista she is a hater ON HER OWN BLOG, OOh beyonce dances in heel she will save the world by doign all her moves YEAHHHHH.
    Pfff I’m annoyed,
    Good day.

  14. She danced her tail off in that video. It’s just so sad that despite anything she does, it’s picked apart. It’s a good thing she’s had and keeps a strong team behind her because she would have had a nervous breakdown by now if she didnt. The fact that she remains humble and keeps a positive attitude along w/her determination and work ethic is enough for me. SMDH

  15. @ LMAO I don’t really care about what position her song is at right now, because it should of debuted at number 1 when it first got released, if Kesha,Rihanna, Britney ,Gaga, Jlo, Eminem can do that without the video being released then the so called Queen B should be able to that

  16. @Tasha

    ‘The fact that she remains humble and keeps a positive attitude’

    That has to be the joke of the century, is this the same peron who put out the song diva, bragging about how much she got, and how she has been the number 1 chick

    What is Girl about again, throwing major shade at her peers, about no one can fade her, how patheic, and how she runs the world, LOL

    People hate the song because how stupid and egomanic it makes her out to be

    I don’t care about the silly rumour, the truth is the song sucks and now Bey stans are relying on over top dancing visuals to save the song, real sad

  17. It’s a little known fact that Beyonce had used a body double name Chloe Arnold in her Upgrade U and Diva video and those dance moves weren’t nearly as complicated as this one.
    So the idea wouldn’t be far fetched since has used one before. If they can put Natalie Portman’s head on a dancer’s body and her performance is so convincing she wins an Oscar, anything is possible in hollyweird. We’ll see when she performs it live.

  18. I’m not even going to comment on the ridiculous-ness of the whole accusation…really? I can admit that I am a diehard Bey fan but I don’t think it’s my bias that’s leading me to disagree. It’s just plain ridiculous. I also think anyone who sits around and tries to come with a conspiracy theory about who started the rumor is ridiculous. A Beyonce stan came up with the rumor to get her video more views? How long did it take for you to come up with that? lol
    Anyway, I don’t think its the choker or a body double that makes her head look funny, but digital effects. If you look at the guys beside her, their heads look weird on some parts to and their not wearing chokers. It’s just funky effects people. calllmmmm downnnnn. lol

  19. Yeah, if the song can reach #187 to #31 after the video premiered it could have went to #187 to #1 just like that. I guarantee you if she put that video out a week after she officially put out the song, it probably would have went to number one. Over 5 million views on Youtube.com, a nationwide premiere (if you want to call it that)on American Idol in front of an audience of over 20 million, performing in front of a live audience of 20,000 for Oprah’s last taping and the song is still not in the top ten. This just might be an instance where the video is hotter than the song. The video did help boost it, and hopefully the Billboard appearance and Oprah’s appearance will propel it more. But right now, with the video out, she’s sitting near where she started on the charts.

  20. How come beyonce’s die hard fans don’t know that she has used a body double before?The dance doesn’t seem that complicated but then again beyonce only know how to 1 2 3 and shake drop or roll, so maybe, maybe not, either way whoever was dancing that part is THE BUSINESS, altought out of sync with the males counterparts

  21. This is so stupid. Anyone who believes this is stupid. Yeah yasmine, you’re stupid. You too, “WhoWhatMe”.

    Anyone who actually believes this is either blinded by hatred or moronic. Those dance moves look intricate but not impossible. Some of you need to buy a brain and use it. Think for yourselves and stop grasping at straws.

    And Cynthia, maybe she released the song b/c SHE liked it? You know, artists do do that. Maybe she just said “F” it and released a song SHE believed in. Makes sense to me, NEXT.

  22. I think what irks me to no end, is the fact that people feel as though Beyonce and other artists owe them something. Especially the females. They have everything to prove in the public eye.

    All I need Beyonce to do is prove that she can sing, dance, perform. Bop bye, that’s it. But on blogs, she has to prove her credibility, prove that she’s a good wife, prove that her marriage is solid, prove that her thighs aren’t a “white woman’s”, prove that her being thin isn’t because she wants to be “white”, prove that her skin isn’t bleached, that she doesn’t have self-hate issues because her hair is blonde, etc etc. Let these girls be!

  23. To me it appears that they used her own body but replaced her head on some of the moves. I don’t think she’s been photoshopped at all. I think they may have been going with a certain effect. At times she looked like she was about ready to pop lock. LOL. *SHRUGS*

  24. This ‘just might be’ an instance where the video is hotter than the song.

    I think that IS THE CASE with this song… 😐 It’s not good, but the video is solid.


    Her, Gaga, RihRih, BritBrit, etc. etc. etc. It’s celebrity. I don’t shake my head too much and feel too bad for these folks when they are overly criticized. They live extra-ordinarily charmed lives where publicity, even ‘bad’ publicity is good.

    Anyone who actually believes this is either blinded by hatred or moronic.

    Nope. Not necessarily. Anything’s possible in this charmed world of Hollyweird. Calling people stupid for saying ‘hmm, could be, could be not’ in regards to this rumor isn’t exactly helpful to your point. Far weirder, desperate ‘stunts’ have been pulled in Hollyweird… The possibility is there, even for favored celebs/artists/etc.

    with that said

    There is no body double. Those are Beyoncelita’s thighs looking sick and ridic while she’s cutting a rug with that opening dance sequence. At least in my eyeballs’ opinion, that’s ALL HER.

    Now those hyenas, on the other hand…


  25. @Kanyade LOL but you are telling the truth. And yes, those Hyenas were questionable but that’s STILL my girl. Also, did you see the Lion laying on the ground in front of her? I didnt notice upon first watching it but when I watched it again, I was like “ummm, how did I miss that” 🙂 That video has over 4mil views already and hasnt even been out for two whole days.

  26. KANYADE is telling the truth. You need your own blog gurl. Lol. Anywho, it comes with the territory, people are gonna talk smack about these celebrities until the wheels come off. So be it. At the end of the day, Beyonce is still getting a paycheck and making more money than most of us can only dream about and probably MORE THAN THAT.


  28. Leave this mess for Britney

    and who is Kery Hilson?

  29. Not impressed with the video. It can’t save this hotmess.org of a song. Bey is still doing ghetto nursery rhymes. No substance to her artistry whatsoever.

  30. @LOL
    First off, I’m not going to argue with you because I’m too classy and mature to call people I don’t know and have never met who has an opinion different from me “stupid”. Secondly, I will not argue with someone who knows absolutely nothing about the entertainment industry and tricks of the trade. Did you even know Beyonce has a body double for her previous videos? Can you look back at those videos and spot the difference between the double and Beyonce herself? No one can believe that someone as talented of a dancer as she is could have a body double, but she has. Google it. Her name is Chloe Arnold, she’s a dancer. And she’s done doubles for not one, but two of Beyonce’s videos. No where did I say for sure that that was the case with this video, I just said anything is possible in Hollyweird…what you see is not always what’s real. That’s not throwing shade at Beyonce because clearly we can see she can dance her behind off in live shows. No camera or effects can trick that. But if Beyonce has used a body double before and people bring that info up, why are you getting offended? Did I hire the chick for Beyonce? Did I tell her to broadcast it on her website that she did that kind of work for Beyonce? And if she used a body double before why would someone be wrong to question whether she has this time? Damn, you act like a brother or sister can’t wonder about it or can’t question it, to the point where they’re called stupid. Whatever sweety, it’s note the cure for cancer it’s a music video. Enough with that…

    I was able to watch the video on a bigger screen seeing as how they’ve been playing it every hour on the hour on MTV Jams as the Jam of the Week. And it does look more realistic than it does from watching it on a computer screen. So no, I don’t think it’s CGI, and I also realized this was my first time seeing Beyonce dance in flat shoes when she’s dancing with the girls at the end.

  31. @Kanyade

    You’re so right…

    “They live extra-ordinarily charmed lives where publicity, even ‘bad’ publicity is good.”…criticism comes with the territory! I live for the day of my own financial freedom because “money does answer all things,” even though, it can buy comfort, but it can’t buy you happiness (I live a pretty joyful life, even so)…but, life is better with it than without it! It’s really important, right up there with oxygen! In Goapele’s voice “Closer To My Dreams”…all of these ridiculed stars are living theirs, but you never stop dreaming if you’re truly living, so the drive never stops!

    This is an exciting time, in spite of all the human suffering…we all meet challenges and no one goes exempt…it’s not the end of the world…this is one single, one artist and a smokin’ hot summer to come I’m sure!

  32. KANYADE- You are right. And when the video came on American Idol my dad was like “you know damn well those hyenas were locked up or sum” lol.

  33. MTV Jams still exist? Wow. Lol. Cynth my sis always keeps it positive. 🙂 Shoutout to errybody for for the good dialogue and convo. And to Brownsista.com for providing a forum for us to rant and/or rave. Have a great weekend!!!

  34. That opening dance scene left me thinking one thing and one thing only…..One of the baddest to ever do it. End of story.

  35. It has happened before right?i mean I don’t care let her be.

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  37. Sorry. Wine coolers and a huge iPad are in my grasp. I’m at the lake, gonna go baptize myself in the waters of minnetonka

  38. They do all kinds of retouching and editing in videos all the time! …I doubt she used a body double though.

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