Why I Don’t Care About Amber Rose

Amber Rose There is almost no website that you can go to without a mention of her. Whether it be a picture of her leaving a restaurant, shopping with her rapper beau or simply walking down the damn street. You cannot escape the force that is…. Amber Rose. I want to start off by saying that I have very little interest in this woman. In fact I hesitated on writing this post because I see the hypocrisy in it so save the insolent comments. However, I decided to proceed because there were a few things on my mind concerning her and naturally I want to do it for my own shits and giggles. Oh, and yours as well. As I previously mentioned, you cannot visit any blog site whether it be urban or mainstream without a mention of this now celebrious woman. I’m not hating but, we know nothing about her besides the glammed pictures. Soooo, why should I give a s**t? Hence the reason why I named this post “Why I Don’t Give a S**t About Amber Rose”. Preliminaries aside, let’s begin the rundown of my reasons.

1. She has done absolutely nothing that we know of besides be Kanye’s Girlfriend.

Sure, she does a weekly cat walk for us in her trendsetting outfits but other than that she offers us nothing more than eye candy. She does not entertain us in any manner. She does not sing, dance, rap, act, hell I have barely heard her speak to know if she possesses a Cheetos puff worth of intellect. I don’t understand the allure. Is it because she is bald and does not give a s**t who likes it or not? As of yet, we have only seen her pose for the camera. My question is what else does she have to offer? The one time I have heard her speak was on an interview with Angela Yee’ s Lip Service Radio Show and from what I could gather she is a free spirit. You know the type who wants everyone around them to be them, which is cool and all but what else is there?

2. We Only Care About Her Because Of Kanye

It is no secret that we are only talking about her because she is dating Kanye West. It is amazing how one can gain fame and fortune from simply dating a celebrity and doing nothing more. Literally, she does nothing else. Are we so bored with our choices of celebrities that we will create one? It is no longer enough for someone to genuinely work hard at a craft or art and garner fame. Now, you can boink one of the biggest rap stars and voila! You’re a celebrity. I guess Twista and Kanye were not lying when they said they can make a chick a celebrity overnight.

3. Does The Media Tell Us To Like Her Or Have We Told The Media That We Like Her? Hmmm…

It is amazing how much control the media has over us. Some think that the media is indirectly telling us what to want or not want, who to like or not like. What annoys me is that they are so whimsical with this s**t. A blow in the wind and now you have magically been transformed into the S**T (resounding voice). Amazingly, we went from hating on her to glorifying her. Just months ago it was “who is this bald head girl Kanye is hanging with? She dresses funny. She looks like a man.” Presto Chango, now it is “Amber Rose, did you see her? Look what she has on. She is such a style icon. Wow, she has an amazing body. She is so edgy. Eww!” See how easy it is for the media to manipulate us? Months ago no one really gave two farts in the wind about Amber Rose and now, she is on the majority of the most popular blog sites damn near daily. What did she do in the meantime to deserve this attention and praise you ask? Not a damn thing. Moving on…

4. All We Ever Hear About Her Is Negative

The few things that I have heard about her have had a negative spin to them. One being that she is bisexual. To each their own and I don’t think this is necessarily a negative but some people dislike her simply because the girl said in an interview that she likes to perform oral on other women. Whatever works for you dear. Another story I have heard was that she was a stripper. People are quick to pass judgment on people who work in the adult entertainment industry. Even if they secretly enjoy it they still pass judgment on its affiliates. While out in public that is. I also heard a rumor that she is dumb as a box of rocks. Mediatakeout posted a piece about how a supposed “friend “of Ambers contacted them and told them that Amber has never been a very smart girl and that Kanye treats her like dog s**t. There was also a rumor of her having a son who she is said to barely spend time with. I don’t know what the girl does in her spare time so I won’t judge but they do pose an interesting case when we constantly see her cascading around town childless. This might be done purposely to avoid having him in the limelight as well. The newest rumor was that her ass wasn’t really her a**. She supposedly got a** shots to increase its fullness. They even took the time to post before and after pictures. Who knows how much truth there is to any of these rumors but the point is that they either speak negatively about her as a person while complimenting her on her outfit. In fact the only positive thing I have ever seen written about her is the post that was titled “ What Women Can Learn From Amber Rose”. I forget where I saw this but it gave a list of different reasons we should admire her. Admire what? I don’t get it. Finally, in her interviews sex seems to be one of the main topics. The interviewee always finds a way to work that in because they know she will speak on it freely which is fine but there has to be a balance. Otherwise we are left asking the question, “What else does she have to offer?” If I have to be forced to see her on every website can we at least learn something positive and new about her? For instance, does she give to charity? Or, what are her hobbies? Hell, does she like cheese on her bologna sandwiches? Something besides the constant photos of her strolling down the street a’ la’ Rihanna or pictures of her with an paparazzi hating Kanye on a sandy beach in Cancun.

5. Dare I Say That Her Relationship With Kanye Is A… Sham!

I try not to be one to overly judge the choices of others romantically but isn’t it odd that as the rumors of Kanye being gay began to rear their rainbow colored head he pops up with a new chick? Also, aside from the rumors of him being gay Kanye is not a topic in the headline right now. Suddenly he comes with this new chick on his arm who is the polar opposite from all of the previous women he has been seen with! She is a fashionista, she is bold with her appearance, and she likes to lay on the beach with her titties hanging out. Who is this woman? Pat on the back for Kanye for banging her! Suddenly Kanye’s name is on the tip of every media outlets tongue again. There are some individuals who believe that Kanye and Amber’s relationship is concocted to garner him publicity and her a check. I am not implying that I am completely convinced of that. However, I am also not completely convinced of the counter. After all, this is Hollywood.

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  1. I think You are a hater..lol..how many other celebreties girlfriends who are nobodys catch heat like this girl,stop hating she is beautiful. At least she is tryna to get it together by signing with Ford Models we should lift people up and instead of bringing them down!! One minute your Congradulating her posting stuff about her signing to ford models n how much a fashionista she is to putting up a negative post. Please get it together ASAP!!

  2. the people im really tired of are beyonce i want to see more keri hilson posts

  3. Well, if that’s the case we can say the same about a lot of celeberties..There’s a large number of famous people who are famous for nothing, they get attention for doing or saying stupid stuff, making sex tapes, being the child of someone famous, sleeping with someone famous..Let’s look at all of the so called overrated entertainers who have so/so talent but stay in the headlines for what?

    The Kardashian Tramps
    Paris Hilton
    Lindsey Lohan
    The Girls Next Door (playboy)
    Flava FLave
    New York
    Rush Limbaugh
    Joe The Plumber
    Hulk Hogan Family
    Soulja Boy
    50 Cents/G Unit
    Brittany Spears
    Kevin Federline
    Hannah Montana
    Prett much ALL reality stars

    I could go on.

  4. Psssssssssssst.

    BeYawnSay should top the list. She is boring as he&& and has not done anything earth shattering since I don’t know when. LOL.

    At least Amber Rose is interesting and seems to have a personality!

  5. Afterthought: the fact you had to post a thread claiming not to care is comical. If you don’t care then she should get NO shine on your blog.

  6. I am sorry, you have the right to your , BUT u can’t just pin Amber is a little unfair. There are PLENTY of so called celebs who can fall in this box. Quite a few were mentioned up top by another poster. Those ppl have done absoutley NOTHING & still get plenty of shine. However, unlike those ppl you really haven’t heard much from her. Kim K &etc & all those ppl were ,imo, throwing themselves in the spotlight i.e. seeing a camera in the club, they just HAD to be in the shot aka PR w*ores. Amber seems to be the opposite, but still gets the attention b/c the media is now fascinated w/ her & Kanye. Yes she is making MORE noise now (mags & etc) BUT she is also now a Ford model, so it would only make more sense for her to put herself out there more to sell her profession.

    If all these other ppl can get there claim 2 fame for NOTHING I say let Amber get hers too . At least she brings a hot sense of Fashion w/ it & she is putting in work that doesn’t inculde a reality show (about nothing) or a sex tape.

  7. OK i feel you. but IMO ALL celebrities are OVERRATED.its amazing they don’t help us in anyway or add value to our lives, yet we are so constantly barraged by their useless existence.yet what is their purpose?annihilation!

    btw. WTF does Rihanna do?????

  8. guilty of loving her and dnt know why,her hair is nothing ground-breaking to me have done similar hairstyle during school holidays when i was a teen,have to admit she has the body to live for and an attitude ….she is interesting besides times have changed if these girls wanna catwalk on the streets let it be riri is still the best she runs this town and beyonce tried street walking during rhirhiz absence but failed,she just has to stick to the red carpet with her fairytale wonderland garments and let amber and riri streetwalk.

  9. It’s all about a new “It” girl, and she ownes it. She’s edgy, different, weird, beautiful, and very interresting. That’s Hollywood one day your’re in and the next day you’re out. My wife loves her lol. The world’s just fascinated with Amber Rose she’s entertaniment, so don’t take it to seriously becuase she doesn’t care what anyone thinks……. (Side Note) you just gave this girl more shine lol.

  10. It’s just the times we live in. When I see Nicole Richie on the the cover of magazines, I still kinda wonder how and why? But, her celebrity has grown on me and beng a mom agrees with her.

    Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton kinda got this ball rolling to this megastar degree. We’ve always had celebutants, but never this much media and wide exposure 24/7.

    Amber’s sense of style is so striking because women had stopped dressing for themselves and exhibiting unique personal style. Instead allowing trends (fashion designers and magazine editors) to dictate their fashion sense. Often, the trendy styles aren’t always flattering for a lot of people, even if they are expensive designer labels and looks. It’s been awhile since sistas in the media have presented a chic look…aka…sharp…clean lines and silhouettes, colors that pop, a mix of classics (Michelle Obama), contemporary (Amber) and couture (Amerie)! Amber incorporates all three.

    We were going through the Boheme and retro looks and often looking too casual and peasantry. So Rihanna and Amber kicked it up several notches and we love it and it makes news.

    J-lo, Mary J. Blige and Halle Berry are some of our consistent fashionistas and trendsetters.

    Amber is the new girl, an “eye candy” star!

  11. And then there was Rihanna, Kim K, Britney, Ciara (I really like her) all the new young people out today are in that category. We are in this era where talent has nothing to do with you being a celebrity anymore, it’s all about the look and she has it!

  12. I liked her at first but now she is just too much. She doesn’t nothing so why should I care. I don’t get it. I have NEVER had an affinity for people who are celebs for no reason –

  13. Hmmmm….. I feel the same way about the folks who are on these reality TV shows. I won’t call them celebrities because I feel they are not celebrities. In this day and age, anyone can be an overnight celebrity. Blood, sweat, tears and talent is no longer a requirement.

  14. Like other posters said she is not the only one who is known for nothing, it’s not her fault if the media is interested in her. She doesn’t harm anybody so why being so mean?
    For the people who talk about Rihanna, it seems to me she’s a singer. She has released three albums in 4 years so she can rest a little. Funny when she was releasing albums people were complaining that she had an album out every year, now she’s on hiatus and people still complain. Anyway… It’s not her fault neither if besides Beyoncé she is the only Black singer the mainstream media cares about.

  15. Even if Britney, Rihanna have no talent (according to you), they are still known for something. They didn’t became famous because of a sex tape or because they are the daughters of… If you can see the difference between them or Paris Hilton all I have to say is “wow”.

  16. I couldn’t agree more. I think when people started posting on her, stupid people at home started thinking she was all that, and they kept it going. She is NOT all that to me. Why is that when a white woman has a shapely body, no a fake silicone shapely body they get shoved down our throats. I’m sick of this wh0re.

  17. I don’t care for amber she does not disturb me, Truth enough she has nothing going on for herself beside being kanye west’s girl but in her defense just like a lot of celebrity including the one you all think is a virtuoso she is eye candy, If we are to be mad at her then let’s just be mad at all the pop singers in our trench! Amber can do whatever she wants to do with her life it is none of my concern!

  18. STEFANY you forgot
    keri hilson
    jordin sparks
    jay z
    t pain
    lil wayne
    and a little more

  19. Loulou, bien parler c’est des rageuses ces americaines , elles ont la rage contre rihanna parce qu’elle est beaucoup plus belle que leur soi disante Reine B

  20. i see no difference between her and rihanna..what do they do??? rihanna used to sing but now????

    i blame it on media that promotes such..

    @stefany..necole richie actually works..she has jewellery line and not so long ago she did a line a for “something” in pea for pregnant women..it was actully nice..i love her style but she does work!!!

  21. @ DarkSista: oui je sais c’est du n’importe quoi. Ils sont tellement obsédés par elle c’est hallucinant. Moi aussi je l’aime bien, je la préfère même à Rihanna musicalement parlant mais de là à dire que Rihanna est connue pour rien… Si c’était leur diva qui défilait dans la rue, ils seraient en train de la féliciter, dire que c’est la plus belle, la meilleure. C’est marrant. Même cet article, ça sent un peu la jalousie mais bon…

  22. Could this be reverse psychology? I don’t pay any attention to Amber Rose, I don’t pay attention to Kanye. I find Hip Hop/Rap/R&B and sadly most black celebrities boring. so I can careless.

  23. Even if Britney, Rihanna have no talent (according to you), they are still known for something. They didn’t became famous because of a sex tape or because they are the daughters of… If you can see the difference between them or Paris Hilton all I have to say is “wow”.
    I didn’t say everybody had a sex tape or was the child of someone famous, some of these people are simply overrated talent wise. Brittany Spears has been in the news for her crazy life style over the last couple of years more than she has for her talent, Rihanna is an average singer but she draws attention more for her great fashion and recently Chris Brown break up.

  24. STEFANY you forgot
    keri hilson
    jordin sparks
    jay z
    t pain
    lil wayne
    and a little more


    You wrong for putting Jay-Z on that list! LOL!

  25. @ steffany.. i agree wit ur list except 4 2… i like 50 cent and he is a business man so u have to give him some credit..lmaooo.. and britney.. why does evryone down play britney?… britney is a good artist ..just cuz she cant sing dont mean nuthin… she dances her ass off and makes goood music ..like another icon we all know and love..JANET…

  26. This is a Rihanna-World now! LOL!!!!!

    Just because she’s not singing, doesn’t make her irrelevant. The media is infatuated with Amber and Rihanna.


  27. @HEY BOO,

    50 Cents is a good business man but he totally sucks as an artist, he was always overrated from the very beginning. He had a few decent hits but not enough to qualify him as been a true artist..But I give him credit for realizing that the rap game isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and elevating himself to a whole new level.

    Brittany is o.k. I think her career could have been better if she hadn’t got mixed up with that low life baby daddy of hers.

  28. Why does she get a post. Whitney Houston had the number one album and that does not warrant a post, but, this does. Ledisi hasn’t made an appearance on this site yet. That is just stupid.

  29. yes!! yes!! i totally agree with you and i am so glad somebody with some sense finally said something. so what she’s mixed? so what she’s bald? so what she has a nice body? what else is there beside those facts and that she dates kanye west? she is nothing but arm candy. point blank period

  30. i can’t believe how many people are sticking up for her. damn the world is really being brainwashed isn’t it?

  31. Leave ciara out of this. She is a true artist who cares for her fans (twitter,saynow,myspace is some proof). She got this far in the game on her own not buddies and daddies. Rihanna is blowing up more cause of situation with chris brown while making decent music. So leave them two out of it. Some of you can’t read she said why she wrote the post anyway.

  32. have you even heard rihannas vocal range the gurl can sing all three albums were hot and wayyyyy better than beyonces b-day and sasha fierce album in my opinion

  33. I mean, Tameka Foster was torn to shreds by these kinds of sites when she was dating Usher.

    I was never Ciara’s number one fan, but when she was dating bow wow, young brown sistas was hating. At least Tameka and Ciara have some kind of talent. This Amber chick is just wack, and ugly. So not worth all the hoopla.

  34. LOL rihanna has no damn vocal range TEE she dont even sound good live boo!! Her fashion game on point and thats it!! Her CD being better than beyonce?? Girl Stop…the best laugh i had n along time

  35. I dont even pay her any attention bcuz there are plenty of folks famous for seemingly not legitimate reasons but thats nothing new. In the “upper” class they have plenty of debutantes and family names that their circle knows and hold as “celebrities within their world that us real-life people know nothing about. So Amber Rose, Paris Hilton, Ray J, the Kardashian Sisters and whoever else are only around 2 entertain me and make me laugh at their exploits. I use them as timeout for my brain and so shud all of you.

  36. I’ll say bottom I think you should’ve said or MIGHT’VE mean you have no interest in her or named the post Why I’m Not Impressed by Amber Rose would’ve been better because in the end you have to care in some way ENOUGH about someone to write a whole post about them whether you like them or hate them or even want to say how impressed you AREN’T with someone.

    Don’t think you are a hater it’d be kind of stupid to call you one but other than her being sort of pretty and rockin’ the bald look well and have a pretty nice body and usually a pretty hot fashion sense i’m not impressed with her either…I see pretty chicks with nice bodies that dress hot everyday all day.

    AND I think it’s starts out that the media TELLS YOU WHO to like and they either keep that going whether or not the “rest of us” take it in or NOT.

  37. Ok…stefany…you’re an idiot! you had me on the actual things that you said, that’s very true in a lot of cases. However, your list sucks! a lot of them are in face famous for stupid reasons, but 50 cent…cent btw, not cents…camron, flava flav, rihanna, Hannah montana…are you kidding!?!?!?!? then was that you that said, beyonce,jay-z keri hilson???? are you out of your mind…you know what that is ? jealousy!!! nothing but!!! hater!

  38. @ stefany and darksista

    sorry stefany, just realized you didn’t say jay- z, beyonce, and keri hilson….my bad…still it’s jealousy!

    @darksista….come on now…you know beyonce and keri hilson can sing, and songs are jammin! and jay-z, you must be out of your mind! first of all, he has talent, and beats, you can’t deny it! also, he’s like one of the most successful people of our time! at least he know’s he can’t live off hip hop, and did the smart thing by making a brand of his name…like 50 cent, and is worth more than most rappers put together. so don’t tell me these people are in the media for nothing! ya’ll are just mad cause that isn’t you!!!

  39. please don’t talk like that, she beautiful and i love her. not everyone have the chance atleast she got one, plz do hate and congratulate!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I don’t think anyone is takin up for her. They are just simply sayin if your gonna throw 1 non important person under the bus, you have to throw the rest as well. Kim Kardashain & sisters( that group REALLY irks me), Paris Hilton, all these Reality fools, & ANY other person who gets props for just being there & NOTHING else. Every last 1 of them. Why go after 1 out the bunch when they ALL share a place in the land of.. WHY?

  41. SMH at most the people stefany and darksista said have no talent.

    SERIOUSLY??? beyonce no talent???


  42. actually i believe everybody in the music industry brings something to the table whether I/you like them or their music or not because if you dont SOMEBODY else will believe dat.

  43. I think Amber is very interesting. She just has a lot of charisma. Much more so than say…Beyonce who has less than zero personality. Also I think that when her relationship with Kanye is over she’ll still get press.

  44. Yeah , all eyes on her just because she is Kanye’s girl and that’s the truth. So I think we don’t have to hate her or like her that much. She is just a celebrity’s girlfriend and that’s all. I don’t hate people I don’t know.

  45. I like the woman i think she is bad chick. I do not like her smoking other then that she living the life.

  46. 17150918: Baby you’ve been running on this blog degrading some seriously talented young woman, i’m i surprised? no, Almost every beyonce fan is out to get anyone that looks like a threat to them, yet today you are defending amber talking about “i believe everyone bring something to the table” You are so fake, and i really hope it’s just a character and not who you really are, Last time you were going on and on about how you don’t understand why rihanna is famous and yadi yadi yada,(Yes not every reader post and i mostly laugh your insecurities off) but today amber rose who never reached the billboard in her life gets a free pass by you, You are pathetic, jealous and laughable at best get it together honey, you can’t have your cake and eat it too

    Baby i don’t live in lala land so whatever it is that impress you? been there done that left it for little girls to orgasm on
    I would break it down to you but your mind is made up so go on ahead and get in transe about jay-z and all these others…
    but let me tell you something, “stanning” is the worst case of jealousy, and you caught yourself calling stefany an idiot?

    As for someone talking about brainwash, who in this world is more brainwashed than the rihanna/beyonce/hannah montanah fan base?
    You people are SICK and need to get it together!

  47. @ darksista…what is “stanning”? if she or anyone else believes what she said, they do think like idiots, what can i say. you can’t make a list like that, and just throw out names, just cause you don’t like them. YOU , were not paying attention. her overrated list is garbage, and so is your’s. but hey, that’s just my opinion!

  48. STEFANY you forgot
    keri hilson
    jordin sparks
    jay z
    t pain
    lil wayne
    and a little more

    @dark sister
    you cant be serious, beyonce…..smh… i dont know why people hate on her so much. damn if the girl is talented she is talented. this mess gets old!!!

  49. i guess this is dark sister’s blog and if you dont agree with her then she comes like a damn shark..(sounds like sandra rose) let me say this…ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS SWEETIE, chill out and relax..

  50. Rihanna has done nothing to be getting so much attention. So if this world has result in advertising “NO TALENT” Amber should get her shine too

  51. @ Darksista

    You’ve NEVER seen me on this blog site degrading anybody (copy paste) I wanna show everybody else on here how much of a liar you really are. Yea I’ve said I don’t like some things about people but never degrading I’ll leave that job to you and some other ignorant a** people on this site, and who said Amber Rose was a singer I was talking about the list of talented singers you put up saying they are famous for nothing. I just don’t hate people for no dam reason like you.

  52. Plus it takes a lot of guts to rock a bald head… Amber has the guts and style to do it.. She looks HOTTTT!

  53. Ridiculous
    I agree with BRIT and STEFANY!!!
    Why write a post about someone you dont like??? YOU along with everyone else/media is the reason she is getting so much attention…..needless to say that’s one task of a “HATER”. From what I read, you have only commented on things you’ve heard (RUMORS!!!!!); Nothing concrete! BELIEVE ME, I am NOT in love with the girl NOR do I hate her. She’s cool in my book along with any other celeb, reality star, etc! I actually knew of her and seen her before she dated Kanye. She might not be good for anything, but she must be good for something if she’s getting you to post an entire blog about her! LOL! Suck it up! 😀

  54. WHo care why the blogger put it up. Evidently ya’ll still on here so who cares. Like people don’t talk about people they don’t like. THat point is so irrelevant &minute-let it go.
    @Darksista-that list was kinda crazy. Jay-z-he isn’t the best role model- but the brother can spit, specially compared 2 this nonsense thay call hip hop now. Beyonce?? & im not afan but the girl just ain’t looks, jordin sparks- but she can sing. Anyway the list was long & wrong. There are many celebs who made it without talent but u didnt name them.

  55. Back 2 Amber. Of course, she isn’t the 1st person 2 gain fame doin nuthin, but rite now we talking only bout her & let me begin.
    Kanye obviously lost his mind. If you compare his ex-fiancee 2 AMber, he downgraded & he knows it. His album was basically 2 his exfiance, who seemed classy & lowkey. Amber is a walking joke, those who “admire” her get sum self-respect, esteen & idenity.

  56. let’s back up. Tpain is annoying with that autotune crap, but the man lyric game is nice-hook game he mastered.
    Lil Wayne-ugg he is annoying but talented, he just uses it to spew nonsense and superficial stuff.
    Drake-naw he nice & im not rap fan-anymore.
    KEri Hilson-now her voice isn’t mesmerizing but give her this-she had a writing career b4 she came out.

  57. @ the mature ones- please don’t be baffled at people actually worshipping or being mesmerized by her. THe world has gone made. ONce u accept that ur the only sane one, it might get better.

  58. Who cares if a bald head fits her face, put a inch of hair on this chick and what does she have going for herself? People can be so blind, she’s so ugly that hair would make her LESS than average looking. Like I’ve said before a true beauty can wear any hair, look at Rihanna and Solange, they looked good w/ hair and they look good w/out it. This white chick doesn’t have that going. Damn her and Ice T’s husband is making me wish I was white.

  59. @truthtelle-solange shocked me. She did her thang and looks so exotic &classy.

  60. @ Ruserious

    Thank you for that comment, it’s good to know that the whole world hasn’t gone mad. I mean, how UGLY do you have to be if you can’t even wear dark hair. Ppl wouldn’t recognize her. Anyways, why the hell does everyone think she’s original, she got that style from a prostitute on a HBO documentary. I remember that. This chick is no god. Black men, and women too I guess can be so stupid. Alexis was way prettier, and I’ll bet she wanted more than his money.

  61. @ Ruserious

    I almost forgot. Solange does look gorgeous. Isn’t it a shame the way AFRICAN american women dogged her over her hair. But this white woman is the second coming w/ her bald headed a55. This is the way that many women in Africa before wore their hair before we were all tainted w/ the european beauty standard. No wonder so many black men don’t like black women, we don’t like our damn selves.

  62. Lol aww cute i even have someone being “tired” of me, someone even posted under a fake name to come at me,(god bless the ip revealer software program)

    Rachel i don’t care about your opinion
    i done accomplished too many thing in my life to care about what a simple minded Internet character
    thinks about me,i was answering to you for putting my name in your simple -sss post and we are done here

    You know what’s funny i purposely put Jsparks and keri hilson in that list just to see what would be the outcome and just as i tough
    everyone defend beyonce like she is some damn god but jorkin sparks one of this generation BEST vocalist get overlooked, Keri hilson who can hold a tune with the best of them get ignored too
    You know what kind of mess gets hold? Insecure and lost little puppies typing away on their computers about how beyonce is wonderful when they are still waiting on that government check, Upgrade

    tired of darksister17150 something
    I already dismissed you and the debate is closed you are an hypocrite jealous and hateful female and
    i don’t do the real housewives of whatever mess so stop waiting on me honey you will starve, don’t you have a rihanna poster to stab ?
    Loool Moron

    Oh and before i live talent isnt always about belting a song like a damn goat being sacrificed, having talent is also having a hear for music, singing a song and make people like it , take risk, go beyond what you’re know for, and more vocal performance is a huge part of artistic credibility but a lot of other factors play in it and i find it so funny that beyonce is your example of a virtuoso (GOOGLE IT) that says a lot about what you know and what you obviously DON’T know

    Until next time
    Kick rocks 🙂

  63. @darksista…..i’m glad to hear you have accomplished alot in your life. that’s great, too bad more people can’t say that….but you don’t seem to have a lot of fans on this site, and i can surely see why. the point is not to insult you or anyone else, it just doesn’t make sense to me that you could say these people have no talent. It’s absurd! you can’t honestly think that! and just so you know, i’m no internet character! i’m a person, and i have a mind and an opinion! if you’re going to go around saying absolute nonsense on a site that can receive responses and comments, you should really think before you speak! and btw…it’s not over til i say!

  64. ok where do i start (DARKSISTA) ok this is a question for EVERYONE. Don’t you know you’ve done a good job in defeating someone in a dispute when they have nothing else to say but you’ve been dismissed or “the debate is closed” lol i thought you’d give me a better battle than thar DARKSISTA. O and all those things you mentioned about talent Beyonce has all those attributes she’s taken MANY risks(can sing any genre of music), and since i think you meant “ear” for music I believe she also has that MAYBE those are the reasons people like you hate her idk. O yea and thanks for googaling it for us cause you didn’t know what it meant lol. One more thing are you just gonna give up trying to find a comment made by me degrading anyone?

  65. Funny how a post about Amber Rose has changed into a post about Beyoncé. Obsessed much?

  66. Wow a lot of “grown folks: in here…I’m only serious… this post got super childish… congratulations.

  67. @Truthteller-ino (sigh) it is truly sad & i will keep it real i have succumbed to the pressure of being Europanized & have to reverse brainwash myself. But yeah, at first i was scared to see Solange’s haircut. They was doggin her but i saw it and fabuloso. Black self-hate is strong and thriving. Jsut look at how we call each other niggaz,. I know other races is like if ya’ll don’t like yourselves, why should we???

  68. @darksista-oh, okay i thought u went crazy cuz i was feelin u on the Rhiana post. Im like Keri? Jordin? BUt wait u didn’t correct Jay-z. But people did jump to beyonce’s defense quick lol.

  69. @ Ruserious

    We all were. But I’m glad I learned since. And another thing, how long have black women in the hood been rocking the bald blond look, i bet they wouldn’t be good enough to be on his arm.

  70. sorry but i think that your post sounds really jealous. Besides we know that she was a stripper. What more do you want to know i mean she´s so hot and deserves kanye i think she makes him happy. peace

  71. if only we made such emphasis on things like government tainted-ness and corporate deception…

  72. Kanye west is so stupid. He’s not even famous anymore. He looks like her side piece. For some reason, I think his next album will flop, she’ll leave and still be famous. He won’t even be known as Kanye anymore, he’ll just be amber’s ex. He is seriously whipped. I don’t give a damn what she wears, what I want to know is what shes doing to him. I didn’t know someone of his caliber could be so stuipd.

  73. for the record I know I stupid is spelled wrong, but it was a typo.

  74. @Rene-trust ma, they ain’t ready. They don’t know the half until its 2 late.

  75. The brain washing of black women will always continue.. they will holdup a white whore to want to emulate, one who publicly acknowledges that she likes to eat p** and have sex when she has her period but black women would laud her up over a michelle obama or oprah winfrey…it’s sick and it’s sad and call someone a hater if they aint feeling amber rose

  76. 17150918: No what i know is how someone have nothing to do with their lives besides obsessing over celebrities who don’t care about them when they are waiting for a battle, I don’t battle people little girl, we can compare diplomas ,family members and even if we were to go there paychecks, but again you might not wanna do that because it is clear that you don’t know much so once again you’ve been dismissed

    rachel Until you say to who? Honey UNLIKE YOU i do not need anyone’s approval, i don’t need any fans i already have a wonderful family why would i want fans on brown sista? hush baby you sound stupid again you should have not open that trap of yours and pronounce my name when i wasn’t even concerned with you, and it is over now and i have said do, Whether you wanna sit here and type in the air while i ignore is your problem but i suggest that you take care of your business and think twice the next time you’re about to type my nickname, oh and let me correct myself, I don’t care about your person, your mind, your opinion and/or your life in general, you came at me, when i didn’t even send for you it’s only normal that you reap what you sow

  77. Personally I think a lot of people find her interesting because she has a good look and is a free spirit but mostly because people want to see Kanye happy after he lost his mom knowing how close they were.

  78. ladyshawn01:
    You know what’s funny i purposely put Jsparks and keri hilson in that list just to see what would be the outcome and just as i tough
    everyone defend beyonce like she is some damn god but jorkin sparks one of this generation BEST vocalist get overlooked, Keri hilson who can hold a tune with the best of them get ignored too
    You know what kind of mess gets hold? Insecure and lost little puppies typing away on their computers about how beyonce is wonderful when they are still waiting on that government check, Upgrade

    @ darksister
    you alway fall back on government check thing. can you say issues…lol

  79. Haha brownsista i don’t live for celebs I just get entertained by them, just like you and everybody else on here. N I dont wait for battles like you wait for the next Beyonce post. Now your “dismissed”

    evidence)>>>RUSERIOUS i hope youy still command me when i post on the next beyonce post because i got something for her too 🙂

  80. You know i want to understand why you people are defending beyonce but putting rihanna in the list of the “do nothing” people? Just like beyonce rihanna had a lot of number ones in her career you won’t respect the fact that she is somewhat relevant but you EXPECT people to respect beyonce? all of you are a bunch of hypocrites savage and you are so pathetuc

  81. oh and ouch for all of those who have been told off i know it hurts ROTFL

  82. @Nisha-Amber said that? uno what’s funny, i never heard rumours or read nuthin bout her but just how she carry herself the vibe i got was unladylike, raunchy. ino they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but always exceptions to rules.

  83. I’m waiting for the Kanye West/Amber Rose sex tape then she will become a bigger star. Her case is going to end up like that of Kim Kardashian.

  84. To anyone who said that the poster was a hater, I agree.

    To anyone who co-signed her own words in that it’s comical to say why she doesn’t care but yet, Amber gets a blog…I agree.

    It is ridiculous how this woman is being singled out. What do you ‘what has she done’ that’s worth mentioning? I’m sorry but when the paps see her out in public, they don’t ask her about her philanthropic efforts. They’re concerned with shooting pics b/c right now, she is THAT chick.

    There are tons of other ‘celebs’ (pseudo and otherwise) who get a lot of shine…Amber is only being singled out b/c of her past. Bottom line.

    To all these bloggers who claim that Amber gets too much shine…stop posting her on your blog then. If you allegedly ‘dont care,’ why bother to say anything about her all? Oh…cuz you do.

    Good luck with that.

  85. Black people need to find another word hater is as tired as rihanna’s music and beyonce’s face, The writer is right, What has amber done for her to be a “celebrity” don’t get me wrong the kardashians are in there with her but if someone has at least ONE album out then they are doing something so bottom line is amber is just know to be kanye’s girlfriend and that’s the end of it

  86. @Cacamehy: What do you care what she’s done? Does her non celebrity status effect anything in your personal or professional life? I mean, in all honesty, the same question could be asked of you…what have you done in your life that makes you think that your special enough to comment on the doings of someone else’s? Really.

    As far as the term hater, I’ll go ahead and address that as well, since I was the last person in the blog to openly use it. Yes, it is overused. I think that there are a lot of people out there who oftentimes call someone a ‘hater’ for speaking what’s real. Those are not haters…those are just real people, speaking what should be obvious to the masses.

    However, when you take the time to write a lengthy blog and subsequently have a group of folks rallying behind said blog, pretty much posting the same rhetoric with absolutely NOTHING to back up your points (b/c simply asking “Why” isn’t enough), then you, my friend, are a hater.

    I like Amber…not (quite) a stan but I’m not mad at her come up. Kanye got the girl out of the titty bar, made her his main chick and she’s basically getting the opportunity to create better opportunities for herself. There are a lot of people in the world who ‘do’ things but just dont’ mouth them off. Is she suppose to contact media everytime she does something ‘of celebrity,’ b/c then you guys would really scream ‘who cares?’ Let the girl do her. No one tells you how to be the best ‘you’ that you can be, so why let what Amber eats make you sh*t?

  87. There needs to be another word other than hater. Poster is far from a hater but she still definitely cares enough to hae made a post about her….the end.

    Lotta supposed grown folks talking and acting like kids.

  88. I like this girls style. idk why she is famous though. But in the end looks will fade and she wont be remembered unless she starts actually working. at first kim k was really really famous and she is kinda fading a little bit because people are started to careless about how she looks. Will you remember Amber Rose 5 years from now?

  89. @dark sista, I’m not looking for a you to come back at me, and I know this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, so ppl if you dont want to stop readin here:
    but @dark sista, i feel u are sooo wrong for saying, something about ppl are wrong for saying they feel ppl are great and are still waiting on thier government checks, you go on to say, compare your family and your money. Who are you to down ppl who get government money. U dont know what ppl go through. You semm like one of them ppl who has a little bit of moneyt and now turn their nose at the “proverty or below” some ppl may not have had a chance like you. and please dont look this way, i am married and have a successful career. I just cant stand black ppl that look down on others that get assistance. They are no better than the rich white ppl, they are worse because they are black. Just because somebody like beyonce, dont mean they are her puppies. If u list ppl, who isnt gone defend the person they like. Its no that ppl r looking pass other artist, its just beyonce have more fans

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