Why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Not Inducting Janet Jackson Does Not Bother Me

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Has a Long History of Ignoring Relevant Artists

Why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Not Inducting Janet Jackson Does Not Bother MeOnce again the net is all abuzz with news of Janet Jackson being snubbed by the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. This is a conversation I had not long ago with folks on Twitter, and I will say here what I said there- the public should stop giving this corrupt organization power.

Who the RRHOF chooses to induct into their private organization has nothing to do with how amazing an artist is or the impact they’ve had on their genre. You, me and several dead people know that Janet has not only consistently put out great music since 1986, but like her brother Michael, basically laid the foundation for some of today’s most popular artists- male and female.

The RRHOF actually has quite a jaded history when it comes to inducting modern black artists. As a matter of fact, when it specifically comes to women, no black woman who started her career in the 70’s onward has ever been inducted. Donna Summer was inducted in 2013- posthumously, after being snubbed for years.

Donna Summer helped usher in an entire new sound of music and actually was the artist Madonna was modeled after. Few ppl know that. The music industry wanted a white Donna, like they often want white copies of most black artists, and Madonna was their girl. The white wedding dress and and gay male fan adoration- Donna did it first.

It’s also worth noting that Madonna was inducted into the RRHOF in 2008, the very first year she was eligible. Meanwhile, black female artists like Janet, Whitney Houston, Roberta Flack and many others, don’t stand a chance of ever being acknowledged, and make no mistake about it, color jealousy is the reason.

Have Madonna’s accomplishments in any way been more substantial than Janet Jackson’s or Whitney Houston’s? Is Madonna a better singer or dancer than Janet or Whitney? LOL. Yeah, I know that was a dumb question.

Anyway, I don’t wanna get too far off track. My original point is that the RRHOF is a joke and folks should treat it as such. It’s become a uppity club that more times than not, chooses to induct people no one has ever heard of, rather than people who have made an actual impact on music.

Every time folks boo-hoo over an artist not being inducted, they give the organization power. Power it should not have, and power that more than likely has already corrupted it.

From Janet to Whitney, Roberta and even Dolly Parton, these women are great regardless of what the RRHOF says, and as long as we keep on supporting them, and keeping her memory alive, then the RRHOF has no power and can go fuck itself… HARD.


  1. Great article, and at this point her fans should no longer make themselves a promotional tool for the Rock&Roll hall of fame. The campaign should end today.

  2. I can’t remember the name of the group, but some years back a soul group was up for induction and the organization wanted Justin Timberlake to induct them at the ceremony because it is customary for similar artists to induct each other. The soul group declined and was not inducted. That right there shows you how legit they are. That was back in the day when the media was trying to sell Justin as a R&B artist. In general artists should stop looking for this sort of validation. The minute they stop making a big deal out of being inducted, the organization will lose its luster and desirability.

  3. Very interesting Dana, your comment goes a long way in my mind for why RRHOF has no legitimacy. I read today that Joe Scarborough of MSNBC gets a vote for who will be inducted, that man made is career on going after Ms Jackson after the Super Bowl.

  4. Justin Timberlake inducted the O’Jays into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005 and while they protested, they eventually accepted the honor and attended the event. Eddie Levert said it was out of their hands. I remember thinking what a slap in the face it was to have this boy band star induct such great legends of soul. How many of you really think Justin Timberlake was knowledgeable enough about their music to honestly speak on it? Were Timberlake decent he would have stepped his ass aside, but like the entitled man-child he is, he didn’t. The media spent years trying to associate Justin with as many black artists as possible to bring him musical cred. That demon was also called upon in 2001 to induct Michael Jackson. I suspect when they finally do induct Janet, most likely after she’s dead, they’ll call on Justin to do that too.

    Here is a convo from back in the day about the induction controversy: http://prince.org/msg/8/137505?&pg=1

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