Why You Should Be Visiting Tumblr Daily… After This Site, Of Course

TUMBLRWhile Twitter and Facebook continue to garner most of the attention when social media sites are talked about, there is a much smaller gem out there that I have found myself gravitating to more and more over the last couple of months: Tumblr.

If you are a member of a fandom, such as Olitz, WestAllen, Captain Swan, or Ichabbie, then you already know Tumblr is the place to be online. However, if you aren’t a member of a fandom, or don’t even know what the hell a fandom is, you’ll find that Tumblr still has a lot to offer via it’s various communities.

Just as I found a family of Ichabbie shippers to waste time online with, you too can find a cyber family full of people whose interests are aligned with your own. Whether it be your love of talking about fictional characters as if they’re real, or browsing pics of Vintage Black Glamour, Tumblr is definitely where it’s at.

And while Twitter continues to be my go-to spot for news, Tumblr is no slouch when it comes talking about important issues of the day, which generally require the use of more than 140 characters.

To get you started on your quest, I have compiled a small sampling below of what I consider to be some of the best Tumblr blogs for Black women.

Click images to visit.

BLACK WOMEN ART Dark Skin Black Women Just Us Black Women

ASIEYBARBIE Black Love Is A Beautiful Thing Vintage Black Glamour

As always, a quick search of the site will help you discover even more.