A Scandalous Wedding

WILL OLIVIA AND FITZ GET MARRIEDWill Olivia Carolyn Pope and Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III get married? That’s the big question on tomorrow night’s episode of Scandal, titled Get Out of Jail, Free.

Cyrus is back on the scene and presents Olivia and Fitz with a shocking plan that just might make all their troubles go away.

Meanwhile, Pope & Associates’ remaining Gladiators continue to defend Olivia, who just wants to get back to work and pretend like the world isn’t falling down around her.

Poor Mellie finds herself taking heat for her troubled marriage and her supposed inability to keep her man happy.

On the other side of the White House, Susan Ross is none too happy with Olivia and Fitz’s relationship and seeks advice from of all people, David Rosen.

Check out a sneak peek of Thursday night’s episode below.


  1. I like Scandal. Yeah Olivia is wrong for sleeping with a married man, but it’s a soap opera and that’s what people do.

    Last week’s episode with Fitz and Cyrus Beene was so good. Cy is such a Fitz groupie. Does anyone besides me think Cyrus may have a thing for the President? He a little too attached for my taste. Something ain’t right.

  2. I take it Olivia is still sleeping a married man and folks are rooting for this. Ladies, some advice. The Lord is not going to send you another woman’s husband.

    By the way, I see How to Get Away with Murder is slipping in the ratings. Could it be all the over the top gay sex is turning people off? It, and Scandal and Empire are all ridiculous. I find it odd that TV’s most black shows show the most gay sex.

    Propaganda at its finest.

  3. Does anyone here know who cheated first in the Grant marriage? I swear I can’t find the answer, not even Googling it.

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