Will Rihanna Be A “Diva” Too?

Rihanna is the latest female artists to have her name floated around as a possible performer at this year’s VH-1 Divas Live Concert. As I posted earlier, the perceived lack of female star power at this year’s show has producers scrambling to add more big name talent to the line-up. Jennifer Hudson and Toni Braxton were added earlier this week- bringing the total number of divas scheduled to perform at this year’s event up to 10 . One would think 10 divas would be enough. However, VH-1 says even more names will be forthcoming throughout the week. This has of course led to speculation and so far veterans like Whitney Houston, and up and coming divas like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, have all had their names thrown around as possible contenders. VH-1 continues to be mum on the issue and Whitney, Gaga and Rihanna’s reps have not commented either.

Rihanna Parties Over The WeekendRihanna Parties Over The WeekendRihanna Parties Over The Weekend

And in other Rihanna news, the singer was spotted getting her club on with friends over the weekend. Rihanna reportedly hit up the XS Nightclub in Las Vegas where her drink of choice for the evening was said to be a Vodka Red Bull.


  1. ^^^ Yeah I agree, but if Ms. Miley was named as a DIVA, Rihanna has the right to be up there too. They both have great voices, and are ICONS and pathed the way for other artist in the pass. SMH!!

  2. @andreledale that was the best joke of the year! Rihanna and Miley great voices (kick started the joke), ICONs (stomach is hurting) and the best of all (tears everywhere) making a way for others.. I’m dead…

  3. Not a SONGSTRESS Diva but a FASHION Diva I’ll put her in that department. She still has alot to accomplish to become the all around “DIVA”

  4. I mean come on let’s be REAL here we all know who the true Diva’s are…..Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday Pattie Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Anita Baker sade’ ( I absolutely Love her so im putting her in my category) Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and the list can go on & on Beyonce’ ( yeah I said it, and I said it because this girl is unstoppable she is consistent and determined at what she does as a entertainer ) Jennifer Hudson is a Diva to I know there’s more Diva’s to name but imma stop here for now. These so called Diva’s today are called “considered” Diva’s to me . I don’t think these female R&b singers understand the true essence of what it takes to be a Diva let alone a true superstar ,It’s more than looks It’s more than attitude It’s more than walking around the town letting paparazzi snap pics of you just being random. These so called entertainers should pay homage to those who were before them because everything we are seeing now is just duplicated and Imitated…

  5. gosh i hope not. i don’t think her or gaga are worthy to be called divas. then again neither are jordin sparks and miley cyrus

  6. Let us not forget Mary J! She cant dance to save her own soul, but she can work a song!

  7. A lot of ppl didn’t think Brandy was worthy of being a diva so many years ago either but she did it and performed beautifully. She was actually a baby diva and I think that’s what Rihanna would be- a little baby diva in training.

  8. no thanks, miley is enough of the croak and off key singers for one evening.

  9. Rihanna, fashion model, style maven, singer and I’m sure soon actress, record sales, popularity, press generated, good or bad is a Diva. No, she doesn’t have a 3, 4, or 5 octave range, but the girl can deliver a song with passion, soul and artistry, “Umbrella,” “Take A Bow” and “Disturbia” were on point! She sounds great on the Jay-z joint, stronger vocals.

    Letoya Luckett has the CD that’s a game changer, great music and strong vocals and no promotion because she would also be a contender for VH1’s Divas.

    I hope to see both singers in attendance!

  10. If miley cyrus is considered to be a diva rihanna should be sitting right in front of her, wether she does get in it or not, i don’t think rihanna needs vh1 to validate the fact that she is that girl they all are trying to keep up with!

  11. @ tee rihanna is betta than bey… nevamind ima leave that one alone lol

  12. I would love to see Anita Baker, Jill Scott, Whitney Houston, Sade, and Ledisi.

  13. We know Ms. Houston is a Diva, Rih Rih is definately a diva. I don’t think of lady Gaga as a diva at all, I just think of her as a big unnattractive man in womens clothing. Anyways I hope this doesn’t suck, I saw some post baby pics of Jennifer and she looks great, but so far Whitney, Jen, and Rih Rih are the only ones I’m looking foward to. I hope my girl Bey performs.

    Is Jordan and Miley performing, They are sooo lame. I hope not.

  14. let’s just say it… the overall cast of performers for the “Divas” show just plain out right sucks. When they said Miley was on it, that straight killed any hope of life that was breathing in that show.

  15. I’m a diva too, can I sing?


    I’m not too surprised. Should be an interesting show 🙂

  16. Well, I have to agree that there aren’t a whole lot of big name “sangers” out there right now. VH1 also knows that they really can’t keep inviting back the same people. They have to switch it up a bit. Plus, of the originals, only a few still have their voices.

  17. I doubt Rihanna will be there performing if at all…. honestly what does she have to promote? That being said the line-up for this year’s Divas even with Toni and Jennifer added was laughable at best. Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Leona Lewis, and whoever else was scheduled…. like were they really serious? Combined none of them are even close to being a diva. Hell I love Rihanna with the best of them but she’s no diva either.

    A diva is someone who can come in and shut down the show… someone who can get on stage and wow everyone with their voice… even the ones who could care less for them. In my opinion no one in the music biz now under the age of 40 have been through enough or experinced enough to be classified a diva.

    They want to do this show right bring on Whitney and let this be her ultimate comeback. Whitney shut down previous Diva shows before… let her shut this one down!

  18. if they add Rihanna they need to add Kristina Debarge, Letoya, Keri Hilson, Ciara, Britney and whoever else “thinks ” they a diva bcuz of substandard performances. If you aint sweatin till your hair frizz up and dancin till u hav 2 bring out a stool to sit down and bringin your OWN style to the stage and life AND rolling on the ground a la Miss Labelle you are NOT i repeat NOT a diva!!!

  19. @ drmkpr

    I kinda agree i can name TWO or THREE people under the age of 40 whose made their mark in the industry and who can be classified as a diva n one of them has already been on vh1 diva’s i believe back in ’02 or ’03 I didn’t mention the name because i don’t believe that I have to, but your right that line up…aint whats goin.

  20. True divas are nt these little girls of this generation that gets everything right..i dont knw y they do like rihanna nd miley..they make fab music nd music vids.bt they r nt authentic..i dnt get that special feeling out of them. The real divas are tina,aretha,beyonce,sade,diana ross,britney,whitney and mariah.

  21. No one likes miley cyrus but little girls under 12. And Jordan is just lame.

  22. Isn’t a diva in layman’s terms a successful singer? Do you have an issue with all of these females success? Most of you here will call your ancestors if i was to start breaking it down how your favorite singer is everything except a good singer, but the same people are on here degrading these woman, EVERY successful singer is a diva in her own rights whether you stay mad or not miley cyrus outsold many of our best vocalist but it is her fault no? you people drink up the kool aid like some damn fool, you are the one who condone garbage music then turn around and complain, drop the masks you all are pathetic!Besides alicia keys, jazmine sullivan, jennifer hudson to talk about people you heard about , This generation lacks originality no one can stand up and pretend to be an icon, This generation did not produce any type of iconic figure and that is the truth deal with it, as for now if you can do what miley cyrus does and better please step up to the plate!

  23. lmaoooo@kanyade..when i read rihanna i thought the same thing..
    heck i am diva too them if that is the case..i can dressmy ass off and can barely get through a note so i should qualify right..lmaooooo!!

  24. @ Dark sista

    I agree on your definition, well that’s right for the most part. It’s not just singing, lets not forget Naomi Campbell. I also believe it’s the swagger along with the success. If you have all the men wanting to be with you, and all the women wanting to be like you, then you my dear are a diva.

    Rihanna’s got it. Whitney had that going for her, but once a diva always a diva, so whitney still has it. Who the hell wants to look like Lady Gaga, who the hell wants her? Same with Miley and Jordan, Jordans pretty, but I definately wouldn’t want to look like her.

    But Ms. Hudson has it going on right now, if she stays focused on her career, she too will definately be a diva. BTW I love Alicia Keys, she’s one talented and beautiful sista, but somehow I don’t consider her a diva. I guess it’s her ora, she seems like you could just totally talk to her like anyone else. You can’t just talk to a diva like anyone else.

  25. Rihanna can sing. She has a better voice than keri Hilson. Rihanna has a distinct voice, and decent range. Rihannas damn good compared to the other stuff on the radio.

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