Will You Go See Think Like a Man?

The long-awaited and much anticipated screen adaptation of Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” will finally be hitting screens all across the country tomorrow.

Starring a who’s who of black talent that includes Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Meagan Good and Kevin Hart, the film has been getting quite a bit of promo the last few weeks, and pretty good reviews as well.

However, despite the fact that I am a huge fan of the female cast, and that the reviews have been mostly positive, I cannot bear to sit through a film that has Kevin Hart in the cast. To make matters worse, he seems to be the main focus of the dozens of commercials I see about the film on a daily basis.

Does Kevin Hart’s buffoonish behavior in a romantic comedy make you want to go see “Think Like a Man,” cause it damn sure does not for me.

I haven’t decided whether I will be seeing the film yet, but I can honestly say that right now it’s about 60-40, NO.

So, what about you guys? Will you be spending $9.50 to see Kevin Hart bring down the entire IQ of the film?


  1. CAST ASIDE…..

    i cant bear the thought of putting money in Steve Harvey s pocket….

    he just doesn’t sit right with me

  2. Yes i would see it next weekend. Because you know the first weekend is bananas.

  3. I want to see it but not sure it’ll be this weekend.

    Sista, can you PLEASE do something about the ad placement on this site? The ads always get in the way of reading the first comment unless I refresh the page.

  4. No. The trailer looks dreadful. And Kevin Hart — I can’t say anything nice so I won’t say anything at all.

    Oh, and what Wohoo said about the ads, please.

  5. I’m gonna go see it tommorow or Saturday, and it better be good too!

  6. OMG!!! sista, I agree 100%. I am NOT going to see this movie simply because of Kevin Hart! I just can’t. I think Steve Harvey made a big mistake by making him the central focus in promotion. I think he may take the movie in a totally different direction!

  7. @Liverpool, I’m with you. I don’t care for Steve. When Bernie Mac died I listened to is radio show b/c I just KNEW he would pay homage to him. I was surprised to find that he spoke very little about it. I later heard rumors that he was jealous of him and tried to take some of his movie roles. No wonder he seemed a little cold..

  8. I will go to see it because some of my favorite actors/actresses who I dont get to see on screen that often are in the movie and I know roles for us with such promotion and exposure are few and far between. Maybe if we support our films there’ll money invested for more black films with more substance. I dont think we can really afford to be picky and judgmental. That’s just my opinion and I respect everyone elses and agree to some to degree but if we dont support who will????

  9. I’m on the fence with this film. I do appreciate black actors being employed. But, Harvey and Hart, both can be very funny men, sometimes offensive, I’m not too fond of either one. Steve Harvey is a prime example of God’s mercy and grace (undeserved kindness). I still haven’t seen the hunger games, LOVE Lenny Kravitz, this would probably be my theater choice.

  10. @Blacksista
    I understand what you mean, I DO support our brothers and sisters even more than I used to, but I also have to be true to my heart and not just support something because a black person did it. If I’m not down with something I can support it, mo matter who is behind it.

  11. *I meant to say I CAN’T support it NO matter who is behind it*

  12. Tyler Perry said kevin is really good in this movie. Would not be surprise he be in the next TP movie.

  13. I just can’t support a Steve Harvey anything. The reviews seem to say the movie is a big promotion of the book, with highlighted words shown on the screen from his book. I appreciate his hustle, I know there is a need for more and different types of black films, I just can’t back him.

  14. We are soo hypercritical of films aimed at African Americans but don’t think twice about the money we put into the pockets of other main stream film makers. #SMH

    I am going to see it. Love romcoms especially with someone who actually looks like me 🙂

  15. Exactly @TALULAZOEAPPLE. I just think people try to FIND an excuse as to why they won’t watch African American films and then complain about how African American actors and actresses don’t get supported enough. It’s already hard for them to make it in this industry. I can’t stand Steve Harvey but I’ll see the film because I like more than half the cast. I mean, I realize a lot of African American films aren’t really up to as much quality and meaning as past films we seem to love like Poetic Justice, Love Jones, Love & Basketball Spike Lee films, etc. but don’t knock it unless you’ve seen it. In all honesty, Kevin Hart has recently been on tour for comedy so it makes sense for him to be the “light” of promoting the film. I completely agree with @BlackSista!

  16. Tell Steve to think like a WOMAN and act like a dam MAN and DO wte the hell I say!! Ugh lolol he is such a one trick phony!!!

  17. Speaking for myself, I don’t support anything I don’t find entertaining, enjoyable or respectable. If Think Like a Man was a cast full of white people, with say, Jack Black as the Kevin Hart of the movie, I still would not see it. That’s just not the kind of film I would spend my money on regardless of who’s in it. I support African American actors and actress, with my time and money, but I’m not going to sit through something I would never watch just because a couple of black people I like are in it.

  18. Beyonce and Rihanna are rotten apples, they don’t want other black female celebrities to shine.

  19. Kevin hart hates black women, so no i will not support this movie.

    and steve harvey left a bad taste in my mouth with him when he use to refer to jennifer hudson as a heifer

  20. Thank you @wefoundlove. I never see these type of discussions about He’s No That Into You or 40 Year Old Virgin. lol We probably don’t even know who produced those movies. God bless you whether you see it or not 🙂

  21. I love the movie…Steve Informercials got on my nerves nephew tommy did not have to cussed that sucked he was with his pregnant wife went from gentlman to strait hood!! Great Movie!!

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