Will You Walk Into Your Season In 2010?


With the dawn of another year, there always seems to be a sense of renewal, a sense of a new beginning, and a sense of a new start. In the New Year, there is always this hope that this will be the year that you will walk into your season. A season where things finally come together for you. A season where you overcome so many obstacles and you get a chance to come up on top. A season where you find that you are in the midst of making your dreams come true. A season where you learn to love yourself for who you are. Will you walk into your season in 2010? I feel like I will walk into mine.

What are you looking forward to in the New Year? What are some goals that you want to accomplish in 2010?


  1. Still trying to drop those last 10 or so punds that just won’t go away.

  2. I can only pray that I’ll walk into MY season in 2010.
    I had high hopes for ’09. Not a complete win happened this year but some things were accomplished bu also, loved ones lost, lessons learned.

    I’ll be turning 30 yrs old in 2010 so, I’m just really trying to stay close to my Savior and have the peace & happiness I so desire. I’m just gonna claim it for 2010 because otherwise… Ooh Lord! I just don’t know *shrug*.

  3. am looking forward to college, am 23yrs and i know am not to late. All my experience i had in 2009 was a lesson learn, i also came closer to the Lord in about 2 months ago and am happy that i found him.

  4. I have already claimed it. At twenty three there is not too much you are to old for. I went back at 39 and I wasn’t to old. Congrats on the decision and I wish you all the success in the world. @cinnamondarky.

  5. Im going to start school in 2010. Im signing up for a earring class and sewing class. Im have alot of traveling to do. I have 20 pounds to drop. But im not doing for a season im doing for the rest of my life. Not getting no younger. Just want to take care of me too many people leaving this earth.

  6. My goal for 2010 and beyond is to be less judgemental on anyone or anything,it’s a very challenging exercise and at times i do get derailed but the trick is not judge my flaws,lasty learn mandarine

  7. my goal for 2010 is to complete my first degree(because i took some break from college),take better care of myself,resume travelling and make plans in order to start a family.

  8. I just love the feeling of having a fresh beginning that the new year brings. 2009 was pretty rough for me and so I’m ready to leave it behind. I just see great things in store for me next year.

  9. To get healthy. FOR REAL.

    I quit smoking in April of this year. Since then I’ve had two surgeries (unrelated) because I was diagnosed with a rare skin disease that’s incurable. So my focus for the new year and for the rest of my life is to be healthy, in shape, to really sanctify my temple. LOL. I’m talking going vegetarian and possibly vegan. I’ve read that eliminating gluten helps my disease so… blech will definitely be changing a lot about me.

    I also plan to get published, dag nabbit. I’ve written so much. I need to get it out there and get PAID! LOL. I’d also like to go on vacay to the Caribbean or South America for like two weeks. That’s something to ‘save’ for. But I want to get away and be away from myself from everything from technology and just BE, ya know?

    This month marks my one-year anniversary of going natural. I hope to continue with it as it too has been a struggle to keep up with (esp. after surgeries and such).

    Just so much. And I want to be more positive and supportive. But really need to get my chi in order. Maybe get a new crib and a dog or something LOL or a bike. LOL. Healthy, getting healthy is what I need in my life. Healthy and happy. Love will come later if it comes at all *sigh*

  10. My goal for 2010 is to finish writing a book. I have put it off for so long that it’s been giving me ajada :-). I’m also hoping to start a family with my husband this year – God willing :-).

    Be blessed ya’ll. I hope that all of your goals are worked towards and acomplished!!

  11. I almsot forgot – I also plan to get out of debt (by some miriacle :-). So that we can afford to start a family.

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