Wynter Gordon Preps New Album + New Video


Though the single was originally released last year, singer Wynter Gordon is only now unveiling the video for her track “The Hard Way,” which was originally featured on the Kitty Cash mixtape “Love the Free Vol. II.”

Via her Facebook page, Wynter said “This song is really dear and significant to me because it’s like a page from my journal.” According to Gordon, she’d been suffering from anxiety and depression and was having a difficult time coming to grips with her own beauty and brilliance.

Wynter goes on to say she couldn’t celebrate the small victories in her life and was making extra work for herself by doing things the hard way. “So this song is all about being honest,” Wynter said. “Honest with yourself.”

Wynter will apparently try to keep the honesty going with the release of her sophomore album, which she recently told W magazine would be released later this year. Winter describes her sophomore offering as “Western-tribal-Brooklyn,” infused with sounds from her Native American, African and Caribbean roots.

Look for Wynter to unveil her eclectic new sound next month. In the meantime, you can enjoy the visual for “The Hard Way” below.