Wynter Gordon Shoots “Buy My Love” Video

Singer Wynter Gordon has started shooting the video for her new single “Buy My Love.”

Shot in Los Angeles, California, the visual is being directed by Bec Stupak and features guest appearances from actors Tristan Wild (Beverly Hills 90210) and Zelda Williams (Detention).

According to a recent press release, Wynter will take part in the annual Fashion Night Out event on September 8th; performing music from her just released EP “With the Music I Die,” at Bergdorf Goodman.

Video set pics can be seen below.

The final product is expected to be unveiled later this month.


  1. she co-wrote ‘Sugar’ for Flo Rida, and wrote some songs for J Lo. Also she released dance music in Australia and the UK that did pretty well ( I skimmed her website)

    Wish her well.

  2. I like her music she has this song called unify from the meet the browns movie soundtrack

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