Wynter Gordon Shoots New Video

Beyonce isn’t the only chick presently shooting a new video. Singer Wynter Gordon is also hard at work shooting the visuals for her new single “Till Death.” Wynter unveiled her new single overseas last week, with plans for a U.S. release to follow shortly. Like a lot of American born singers (Mya, Kelly Rowland, Amerie), Wynter has found far more success overseas doing dance music than she has here in the United States. Though barely known in her own country, Wynter has managed to sell over five million copies outside the U.S. and in countries like Australia, her popularity rivals that of artists like Kylie Minogue (born in Australia) and Rihanna.


  1. I really want to like her but her voice is so annoying….

  2. Five Million is really impressive…getting to do what she obviously loves…it’s wonderful that’s there life outside of the US…I wish her well!

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