Wynter Gordon Talks Dirty In New Video

Wynter Gordon’s video for her #1 dance track “Dirty Talk” is now out. The single will be featured on Wynter’s upcoming debut album which is still in limbo. You can however pick up the single which is available in iTunes now.


  1. Nice Vocals, Really Nice!

    Good dance song!

    Pretty Girl!

    The video was good until the end…was it meant to tap into the “Twillight” mania…Lesbian or group sex inference…it wasn’t needed, but it will get people’s attention, I’m sure that’s the idea…shock theater in subtle fashion that gets really loud with its cult-like feel?…selling music is going to become a rare artform in a minute.

    However, I will purchase her single from itunes…I won’t judge this book by this cover…I like her vocals and interested to see where she’s going as an artist…after loving Janelle Monae’s ArchAndroid…I’m hoping it helps other real artists to get some shine and influence more artists to be artists and not gimmicks!

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