Xyrena Introduces Aaliyah Fragrance

Aaliyah Fragrance by Xyrena, a Tribute

aaliyah fragranceAre you guys interested in an Aaliyah fragrance? Well, the late singer’s family hopes so, as they have teamed up with fragrance designer Xyrena to release a new designer scent in tribute to the beloved performer.

Simply titled Aaliyah, the fragrance is already available via Xyrena’s official website, and can be purchased for $64. “I grew up listening to Aaliyah’s music,” said Xyrena CEO Killian Wells. “As a huge fan, this is a very personal release for me and my company. We set out to create a fragrance to be cherished by Aaliyah’s fans and also introduce her to a new generation.”

Aaliyah’s brother is hoping the new fragrance will help in the family’s quest to get MAC Cosmetics to introduce a make-up line in tribute to the singer, just as it did earlier this year with late Tejano singer Selena.

Rashad Haughton is asking fans to buy the fragrance and official Aaliyah t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, saying “Every single person that signed the petition needs to buy the fragrance and t-shirts- or the petition means nothing. It’s just ink on paper.”

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