Yaya DaCosta Cast to Play Whitney Houston


Former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant, Yaya DaCosta, has just landed the acting gig of a lifetime.

According to published reports, DaCosta will take on the role of Whitney Houston in the upcoming Angela Bassett directed film about the singer’s life and untimely death in 2012 at the tender age of only 48.

DaCosta may have come to the public’s attention as an aspiring model, but it has been her many acting roles in films like “TRON: Legacy,” “The Butler,” and “The Kids are All Right,” that have helped keep the beautiful brown skin beauty’s name on Hollywood’s radar.

DaCosta, posted a quick message to fans via Twitter saying “Blessings,” and thanked fans for their mostly positive support.

Me, personally, I am ok with the casting of Yaya. I like her look. I think once they give her the full Whitney treatment, we will all be amazed.

As for Yaya’s acting, I’ve seen her in a few things and find her believable. I’m sure Angela was more than pleased, or she surely would not have been cast.

Whatever the case, I am super stoked. Bring the screenshots already.


  1. I think this is wonderful casting. Yaya has shown the tenacity it takes to succeed. Coming from a reality model competition show (not wining by the way) to obtaining legitimate jobs in Hollywood. I thought she was wonderful in The Butler and I hoped after her amazing job in that film that we would see more of her. I think her body type is a fit to Whitney’s, and she is beautiful, not as beautiful as Whitney was, but who is. I am routing for her to do a great job.

    The only thing I am disturbed about was that the movie per Sista’s previous write up said it would focus on Whitney and Bobby. I want a movie on Whitney’s whole life. If the focus of the film is on their relationship, the film could be rather tabloid ish to put it lightly. As a life-long Whitney fan, I sure as hell don’t want to see that. Nonetheless, Angela Bassett has integrity, so I am hoping for the best. I’ll be watching regardless.

  2. I think that it’s very hard to find anyone to play Whitney Houston. Though YaYa is a decent choice I don’t think she will be able to capture the true person. If this movie is also to be accurate it has to portray the whole Whitney story. There were many rumors of Whitney way before Bobby. There were talks of her having a lesbian lover and other things. I think this movie will just gloss over the real side of her that no one wants to admit. She did drugs way before Bobby. I feel this movie will just be a very light story of her real life.

  3. This is fabulous. Ya ya is such a perfect example of a beautiful black woman. She has great posture and a beautiful speaking voice that commands sexuality and confidence.

  4. Good for Yaya. I look forward to what she brings to the role.

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