YaYa DaCosta’s New Film Role

Former America’s Next Top Model runner up, YaYa DaCosta, is looking to add actress to her already stellar resume. The 27 year old beauty has landed another movie role, her 4th so far, and will be co-starring in the upcoming film “Tron,” alongside Olivia Wide and Jeff Bridges. YaYa broke the news last week while walking the red carpet at her latest film premiere “The Kids Are All Right.”

YaYa lets her fans know however that she isn’t totally giving up on modeling and has plans to follow up her summer Esquire photo shoot with stints in Italian and British Vogue.


  1. I remember her when she was on All My Children. I’m happy for her to be working consistently in different fields.

  2. I’m glad to see she hasn’t faded into obscurity. I still think she got robbed by Eva Diva back in the day though! lol

  3. Yaya has stayed busy with roles, be it stage or film and I’m so happy for her!!! She was one of my favorite ANTM alumni 🙂

  4. Yaya is incredibly gifted and talented. Im not surprised that Hollywood keeps knocking on her door.

  5. Ya Ya is awesome and I love that Tyra helped create so many stars, people getting to work in the entertainment industry as their day job!

    Everytime I see a top model contestant…I think wow, Tyra has accomplished soooooooo much and helped sooooo many! She’s like the female version of Tyler Perry in her own way and beyond in many ways because she’s a woman, executive producing, empowering other women with golden opportunities!

  6. I’m sorry but the last thing Tyra did was nurture that girl. It was clear she was threatend by her education and her afrocentricness. What mentor would tell a young black woman (who graduated from an ivy league university no less) to not talk about her education. Go Yaya!!

  7. i think tyra was trying to remove the chip on yaya’s shoulder. she thought she was better than everyone else coz of her education!!!!

  8. i’m glad to see her working and expanding. she looked great in the Esquire shoot and she’s turning into quite an actress. keep it up chica!

  9. It’s great to see YaYa growing in the industry. She is so beautiful and although I only saw a few episodes of ANTM, her aura was undeniable.

  10. She didn’t have a chip on her shoulder, she was educated why should she have to dumb down not to be threatening to people? Please, I agree Bank’s definitely had issues with her for her education. She’s kickin butt now though. Team Yaya.

  11. I’m happy for her!! She was my favorite girl on ANTM season 3.

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