Yeah I Said It is now Yeah She Said It

LJ KnightHey Brown Sista’s, please feel free to check out my new site. I love feedback and have an opinion about… well everything. The newest topics are about Solange cyberbullying someone over Beyonce, which one of Madea’s cast members are gay? Lastly, I can’t forget the infamous Papa Joe!

Signing Off

LJ Knight!


  1. GIRL let me get there and might i add you look Fierce

  2. I like the website I already posted some comments on there Keep doin’ your thing :thumbsup:

  3. It’s very nice and professional. I have to learn how to navigate through the new site but it’s nice.

  4. I love the new site, the look is great! LJ I am loving your site as well, its nice that you are saying things others won’t and not apologizing for it. Many times when we say something we apologize for it to appease people, but I would rather more people stand behind their comments rather than taking back what they have already said to pacify the rest of us who don’t appreciate truth! Keep us informed, you both are doing excellent jobs!

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