Miss Kelly Titles Her New Album…

Kelly Rowland’s new album is reportedly titled “Year of the Woman.” When I heard this I immediately thought of Keyshia Cole’s new album “Woman to Woman” and Ciara’s upcoming album “One Woman Army.”

These names also reminded me of similar titled albums by R&B females, specifically Kelly’s “Here I Am,” released in 20011 and Alicia Keys’ “As I Am,” which was released in 2007.

Are urban chicks subliminally copying each other or what? And what is with releasing the name of the album so far in advance of the album actually coming out? Keyshia Cole released her album title in March, a full seven months ago.

Let’s have a bit of mystery, ladies.

Anyway… back to Kelly.

“Ice,” the first single from “Year of the Woman” is finally going to get the video treatment. Shooting is set to take place in New York later this month and rumor has it photographer D. Blanks will be at the helm.


  1. Great she’s getting a video.

    I noticed the ‘woman power’ trend too.

    Other artists have had more subtle titles…but hey, good luck Kellz!

  2. This is poorly written and researched. Firstly Kelly’s album in 2007 was called ms Kelly. Here I am came out last year. Secondly the first paragraph the title is year of the woman in the second it’s woman of the year. Elementary mistakes. Not trying to be a bitch. just saying

  3. Not a bitch at all. Thanks for the heads up. I wrote the original on the subway via my Blackberry. I’m glad someone caught the mistakes. I hate catching them weeks, even months later and feeling like an idiot. 🙂

  4. Kelly’s label still treats her like a red-headed stepchild. They just dilly dally with her albums, never giving them any real support. At the same time, I find Kelly’s albums to be inconsistent. She doesn’t know whether she wants to be a Euro pop star or an urban vixen. She needs to pick a style, hire the appropriate producers and run with it. Instead she allows herself to be led around by whatever producer she is working with at the moment and the final result ends up sounding a mess.

  5. Ice was released how long ago? What is with the long wait? Why release the song and no video until months later? I think artists like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Gaga do so well because timing is taken into consideration. You will never see top tier artists release a song in January and the video in April.

  6. Yay! Kelly names her new album.

    I have a name for it too. FLOP.

  7. I wish Kelly would get it together. She signs up for all of these things overseas and while she’s there, she doesn’t take the opportunity to sell herself and her brand. There is no excuse for why she didn’t take full advantage of her X-factor gig, none!

    Here she is making the same mistakes that she made last time. A song out,but no video and performance for months. How is she supposed to get success when she’s so inconsistent with promotion?

  8. Speak the truth and shame the devil WOHOO.

    These chicks today don’t know how to promote. They release the song, the video and proceed to sit on their asses and tweet.

    Why haven’t we seen Brandy out there performing Put it Down at weddings, picnics, Bar Mitzvahs? We should be seeing her everywhere but we aren’t. What we get is Twitter and Facebook comments asking people to request the song and pre-order the album.

    Same goes for Keyshia Cole. Has she performed her new song live at all? What is she doing? Getting ready for her new reality show I guess.

    Then we have poor Kelly, who with the biggest urban hit of 2011 couldn’t even manage to sell 500,000 copies of her album.

    She was on one of the biggest shows in the U.K. and did even worse over there.

    Now she is off in Australia or somewhere judging a dance competition. Come on Kelly. Get off your scrawny ass and support your music.

    I’m tired of people blaming radio because other chicks can’t sell. If they put in the work they would reap the rewards.

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