You Are Not Your Past

48882_9[1]You are not your past. It just baffles me that when you find yourself in a better place in your life. When you have overcome so much, when you finally realize that you need to turn things around. When you begin to follow the path that leads you to bigger and better things, there seems to always be someone lurking in the shadows trying to remind you of who you once were.

Some of us have experienced many lows in our lives. Some of us have made many mistakes; mistakes that we may be ashamed of to this very day. But guess what, you are not your past.

We all have flaws. Perfection does not exist. We all have to go through something in life to become the person that we are destined to be. It’s true that some people’s journey in life is more difficult than others. But what can make life difficult for us all is when we are trying to grow, when we are striving to be better human beings, having people not uplifting us and cheering us on, but instead, having people constantly reminding us of who we use to be. You are not your past.

I often wonder why when some people see other people finally on the right path and finally making the right decisions, they try to bring them down. Instead of celebrating their transformation, they want to remind them of their flaws and their mistakes. I often wonder if a person’s life is so miserable that they find comfort in seeing other people’s lives crumble.

Continue to grow. Continue to strive to be a better human being. Continue to follow the path that leads you to bigger and better things. Don’t feel in bondage to your mistakes in life. Remember, regardless of what other people may say or think, you are not your past.


  1. I love it, I wake up feeling great and after reading this I feel even better. It is so true am ” not my past”

  2. wow! Im so glad that I read this!!! This really just helped me evaluate myself!! Thanx!!!

  3. This is a great reminder…we shouldn’t allow others to define us by our past or their perceptions or wait for others lives to crumble…if we ourselves are to move forward…my Mother has a great saying…

    “you can’t sit on me and go anywhere!”

  4. I agree you are not your past however you can not run from it either. We all have to know once you make your bed you have to lie in it. You can’t run from where you’ve been but address it and make better choices. But hey to each it’s own, I’m in the middle of this because I feel like I don’t get mad at the truth, however when I address my ex with what he’s done to me he always says it’s the past. But his past hurt my future so it’s not right in my book to tell me it’s my past just not fair.

    You have to be careful the way you walk in life you never know who life you are affecting…..

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