You Go Girl !

New mommy Kelis has won Round 1 in her court battle with soon to be ex-husband, rapper Nas. Earlier today, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Louis Meisinger, awarded the singer $39,498 per month in child support; an amount that is substantially more than the $20,000 she was originally seeking and a helluva lot more than the one time payment of $20,000 Nas’ lawyer had originally proposed. To add insult to injury, the Judge also ordered Nas to fork over another $45,000 to pay for Kelis’ attorney fees.

As many of you know, the singer went into labor earlier this week and delivered a healthy baby boy, named Knight Jones, on Wednesday evening. As for todays events, Kelis’ rep would only say: “Kelis is grateful to have given birth to a healthy baby boy and her focus is on getting acquainted with him and enjoying her role as a new mom.”


  1. Yo go girl, Get that money. Tell his arse to take that lil thing and go to the left to the left

  2. Congratulations on Knight kelis but i doubt all that money can help get over a broken heart 🙁

  3. so happy for her!! i can’t believe nas’ lawyer really wanted him to pay a one time fee of $20000? come on lets be serious.They are still celebrities and that totals to what maybe $1500 a month, just for a year? i don’t think that made any sense at all. but i hope she enjoys being a new mom.

  4. That judge knows something the public doesn’t. I’m sure he awarded her what he thought was fair. I admit she did seem greedy at first glance, but NAS was being unreasonable with his offer as well and childish…I think he tried to hide how much he was re4ally worth.

    At first everyone was talking about how mean Kelis was for turning NAS away from the delivery room. Then we found out that she had been in labor for many hours and he showed up intoxicated. She sent him packing b/c she didn’t want him adding insult to an already stressful and tiresome situation. I hope they work things out for the child. Congrats Kelis. I love the name Knight.

  5. I was kind of hoping they would get back together they made sucha cute couple.But if he cheated then yep she should say ‘ to tha left to tha left”

  6. But if he cheated then yep she should say ‘ to tha left to tha left”

    that’s how real women do we have got to know that we deserve BETTER women who stay with cheating mates are so pathetic to me, it’s like how are you going to love someone more than yourself?

  7. I think it’s sad when you are called Brownsista and you’re suppose to empower women to empower themselves. Yet, you applaud her getting child support from Nas, which he was going to any way?!?!?!?!?

    Nobody knows if he cheated on her or not. That’s pure speculation. And if he did, what does that have to do with child support payments?

  8. I agree with Yachi. The title “You go girl” threw me off. Like what! you go girl sitting on your butt collecting child support…OK. Kelis can work too and take care of her child as well as the father.

  9. It’s a shame their marriage ended but for the sake of their son I hope they can at least be civil toward each other & raise him together.

  10. Nas tried to treat his wife and mother like a 2 doller whore and kick her and their child to the curb with nothing. A one time payment of $20,000, was her drunk when he came up with that number? He said in court documents he spends more than that a month on personal grooming.

    Kelis was a wife, not a baby mama, but a wife who helped and supported her husband and his career. For heaven sakes she wore that stupid @ss N@GGER jacket to the Grammys and for that alone she deserves a big fat check.

    Sitting on her butt collecting a check? I think not.

  11. I hope the judge does know a lot more than the public does becauwe you go girl? Ummmm nooo.

    I’m leaning to tanya and uh yachi right now now -_-.

  12. My vote is with JBL on this one right now…

    While I don’t count myself as a big Kelis fan, I agree that as a former wife and mother, she deserved far better treatment than what it APPEARS that Nas was trying to offer. For all intents and purposes, it APPEARS that she supported him and his business endeavors for the time they were married. As such, it is not unreasonable for her and their child to be supported by him now. Of course she can/should get a career to become self-sufficient in the long-term, but Nas does not get off the hook for the short-term support of Kelis and their child. End of my rant. Ya’ll enjoy the weekend!

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