Your Daily Dose Of Sasha Fierceness

More Sasha Fierce Beyonce is not yet ready to retire her “I Am… Sasha Fierce” album or the alter-ego that spawned it. The singer is looking to hit fans with a pair of major re-releases and a TV special…. all in time for the holiday season. First up is the November 23 release of I Am … Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas, a two-disc live CD/DVD compilation recorded earlier this year at the hotel/casino. That same day will also see the release of a deluxe edition of the singer’s multiplatinum I Am … Sasha Fierce double album. The reissue will come with two bonus tracks, including “Video Phone (Extended Remix),” which features Lady Gaga. The video for that song is set to premiere online this Thursday.

And if that isn’t enough Sasha Fierce for you, the singer will appear in her first ever one-hour TV special. “Beyonce- I Am Yours,” will air on November 26th on ABC and will reportedly feature never before seen performances by the singer and exclusive behind the scenes concert footage from the DVD.


  1. I knew this was coming. I knew when it was announced that ABC was giving Jennifer Hudson her own Christmas tv special, that Beyonce and Daddy Knowles would stike back. I don’t care what anybody says, no matter how successful Beyonce is at the moment, she is still very sour that Jennifer Hudson received the accolades and Oscar award for Dreamgirls.

  2. You know when someone kills someone but they are still shooting the gun or stabbing them AFTER THEY ARE DEAD, they call it “overkill” This is overkill, i have neva seen an artist do this except- Mj but that was MJ. I think she scared Rhi gonna take her place, even tho she don’t got a quarter of the vocals B got. Now, fans, is this an exaggeration?? Please. put aside your adoration and be neutral-ya’ll know she scared 2 leave- it might not even B rhianna- im just throwing stuff out-tryna figure why? why? why? but at least she talented so we can’t say its all looks. either her circle want her 2 drop or they r tellin her relax & she is ignoring them

  3. If your not a fan, why do you care? If she wants to put out a million albums,videos, etc., that’s her perogative. If you don’t want to see her, don’t watch her. If she wants to work hard let her. I am a fan, and I really don’t care what she releases. If I want to buy it, I will. If I don’t want it, I won’t buy it. Simple as that. She’s not putting a gun to my head forcing me to listen or buy her records. That’s why I don’t understand the “she’s so overexposed” thing. I’m a huge fan, and I barely hear or see her on the radio or tv. The only place she is a staple is on these blogs. And we can control how much we expose ourselves to her. Geeze…Sorry for the rant. I just don’t get it. Someone enlighten me, please.

  4. You are so right “Just a thought”! smh at the losers that hate her but still read and comment on every post that she is in. how sad =(

  5. that’ point is so mute- i can’t comment on someone im not a fan of. Im not losing sleep, missing workdays, popping blood vessels, neglecting my child, losing $-im simply typing and that’s not even an effort since i type about 70wpm. Everyone says that “why comment” cuz i want to, just like she wants to make 10 videos. She can do what she want, im not telling her not to Now if im getting emotional, then i understand ur point- cuz that wud be loca.of course there ar some who go crazy-apply that 2 them. Y waste emotions on sum1 u don’t know, but 2 comment on a blog?? no sweat. Please, that point is repitive and mute.-let it go.

  6. @Just a thought-u seem 2b emotional about me talking about B and you know neither one of us. I guess ur comment boomeranged huh?

  7. @Ruserious: I’m not emotional about anything. I could care less about what Beyonce does. I don’t know her personally to get emotional over her. Everyone has an opinion. I was only making a generalization about the situation. I wasn’t even talking about your post specifically. It’s the same thing on these blogs (Why is she releasing all those videos, albums, etc. blah blah). Sorry if you took it that way.

  8. man! if i aint tired of this woman!!! Why so much!? lol Please, let somebody else have a freakin’ chance!!!

  9. just a thought- ok im woman enough 2 apologize. At least i don’t deny her talent like some. Anybody who says she can’t sing is deaf or a “hater,” the girl blows it down, hands down- i just think she needs 2 let her fans miss her, take a break, step up her creativity level, vocal wise-she’s good, and smash the game-again.

  10. Wow. I like Beyonce but this is becoming overkill. It is like she is obsessed with being in the spotlight. She just seems a litte insecure at times and is trying to dominate everything.

    Let’s not start with the MJ comparisons. Beyonce will never walk in or be able to fill his shoes.

  11. beyonce has been said that she’s taking a two year break after this year, she’s doing “overkilling” the album because this is the last her fans will see of her for awhile s

  12. @Ruserious: It’s cool. I definitely wasn’t coming at you like that. We all have our opinions. You (and many others) want her to slow down. And I (and many others as well) could care less what she does when it comes to her career(as long as she isn’t killing or hurting anybody of course). We can all agree to disagree. No harm done.

  13. Get em Bey. I love this chick. Some people are hating out of this world. Why should she move to the side? Other people need to get on her level.
    Keri Hilson, Ciara, Letoya, Keyshia Cole, none of those chicks can do what Beyonce does, Ciara is the only one that can dance as good, but the tricks can’t sing live, so until other people learn how to do that, Beyonce don’t have to go no where.

  14. She’s releasing a dvd & rereleasing a cd. SAME THING she did last year. It’s a pattern. The only difference is that she threw in ONE television episode ONE day. How is that even overkill?

  15. Cant wait for I am yours dvd anybody who deny’s her talent vocally or as an entertainer WATCH THIS DVD. thats all I’m gonna say. I dont think anything is overkill bey’s getting blessings left and right so why not take them???

  16. I love the pic though!!

    Man, I just moved into my first house, and after looking at the money I spent just to do that I can’t be mad at someone who is making their way!

  17. Beyonce cannot sing well enough for me to belong in her trench of psycho envying lifeless fans, But i applaud her for making money off of Idiots who have no notion of talent what so ever, it’s all about making money and she has my respect for sucking every dollar out of every sucker who can’t love themselves enough not to praise a stranger so go Girl

  18. I think she’s doing all she can NOW so she can rest after this whole I AM era…and for that I don’t blame her.

    Will I be watching her special on the telly on Thanksgiving? Most likely not. My fam is about the football games on Turkey Day 😉

  19. Didn’t Jay=z say he was gonna retire 4 years ago and made everyone cry and run 2 madison square 2 see him one last time?? Since then he made 3 albums.He still around-the spotlight is ADDICTIVE. When your addict, you can’t leave, it keeps callin you.

  20. I don’t think they are addicted to the spotlight or fame…They are addicted to MUSIC, because that’s what really matters when it all comes down to it. The music is what keeps these artists colaborating, creating albums, videos, etc. We just confuse that with an addiction to the spotlight b/c their love for the music keeps them in it.

  21. But after a while of doing nothing living the lavish life you get bored and wanna go back to work. Im pretty sure just sitting around in a penthouse all day could get a little…boring even with all the money I believe every artist truly does love making music as to actors with movies. Thats the reason I think whitney made her comeback. So OF COURSE beyonce or whoever gonna comeback if they say they’re “retiring”.

  22. As usual the bickering starts. Why cant people just post what they want, when they feel like it, without getting insulted? Everyone is not gonna like Beyonce and if they wanna post that they dont like her, let em be. Ever heard of “ignore”

    Beyonce has lots of ambitions, and shes going for them. Wish her luck !

  23. She did this last year, except it was on BET @Thin. I’m getting my DVD on the 22th, cause that’s what the Walmart website says. And I will be watching the TV special, me and my new niece Rhylee. Train em early to good music. LOL

  24. I have a love/hate relationship with Bey. I will watch the special though!!

  25. Beyonce…….. Beyonce……

    There are times when I love her and there are times when she over does it….Iam from the Bronx as you know we get bored looking at the same thing again and again… I think if she didn’t try to hard to be in the spot light people would put her there….. I do have love for her she has change the game. But give people a chance to miss you….. I see your sis new do? UMMM maybe its her turn?

  26. She really needs to sit down somewhere. She is already like one of the most talented women out there right now. This cd was okay, but I dont think it was better than B-Day. Chill out for a while.

  27. Beyonce with her greedy self is going to ride that gravy train until the wheels fall off.

  28. Hey RuSERIOUS! I know we are suppose to leave comment and not really chat so I would like to give this page the respect it deserve and just holla at me cus I would love to chat a lil. So with that
    being said……back to Beyonce……..:)

    I don’t say this to pick at her but I feel as she is doing her best to be at a level as Janet Jackson and I dnt think she will be at that level. I think she doesn’t want to except that fact and she does over expose herself by trying to hard. Does anyone have an opinon on this besides me?

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