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yes we did!

Brown Sistas and Fellas.

It’s a new day! And all I can say is that there can’t be a man/woman/child alive who isn’t touched by what President Barack Obama and his beautiful wife Michelle have accomplished. The Obamas make GT want to be better, be smarter, serve more, and take even more personal responsibility for living my best life. And since The Brown Sista Family is a community…share your thoughts on yesterday’s amazing inauguration. Did you hear Barack’s Speech? Did you go to DC? Did you love Michelle’s Outfits? Did you mix your mascara with your tears? Share your inspiration. GT.

Yes We Did!


  1. Lord knows I wanted to be there, but my mother had surgery today, so I was unable to go. However, I did watch it on TV!!!! I enjoyed Barack’s speech along with the Rev. Lowery’s. I thought Michelle looked fab, I really liked her ball gown.

    I really feel in my heart that we are headed for good! I never thought I’d see the day, but we never know what God has in store for us. I pray that we all take from this and do good things because one man cannot change the world, but if we all unite as one, we can conquer!

  2. I was in school but i got to watch it there. There were so many people at the inaguration, I wish i was there. His speech was amazing. Michelle also was amazing in each outfit. (They are people I now look up to). Their daughter’s were amazing and really happy. And it was so good to see so many types of people together in one place all of different ages too. IT WAS AN AMAZING DAY.LOVE 4 OBAMA! (luv what you siad Lola)

  3. I wanted to go but have two younger kids and it was freezing I do plan to meet the famous family one day.
    President Barack Obama has so much swagger.
    I loved Michelle ‘sGreen outfit. They all look great.

  4. I was at work and I had to stop everything for that historical moment. The speach was great, I almost cried. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to DC but mentally I was totally there. That day has finally arrived. However, history or not, our President was elected because we believe in him and the change he promised. I see the future in this man.
    Michelle looked great yesterday. Love the dress she had at the ball.
    Yes we did it and I’m proud to be an American.

  5. It felt good to see all races watching the inaguration together in the office.

    The obamas make me think about life and what i can do different.

    Their love for each other is the best black love i eva seen. (beside my mom and pop lol)

    Barack is that man like damn i want my barack obama lol.

    But him and his wife makes me proud to be a african american.

    I cried when he ran for president, i cried when he debated mccain because he so educated, i cried and jump around when was elected president, i cried twice yesterday. Love the obamas.

  6. I loved everything about January 20, 2009. Michelle’s outfit was great and Barack of course was fine as usual. I loved Aretha Franklins song, Warren’s prayer, Barack’s speech, and Rev. Lowery’s benediction. I am just so happy to be an American now that we have someone who represents everyone. He is not just a President for black people, he is a President for the People. It is amazing that 40 years ago, in 1968, Robert F. Kennedy predicted that he believed that we would have a black President in 40 years. And we do. And to see Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream be realized 40 years later. It is hard to keep the tears from flowing. I am so pleased and excited to see how things unfold. I know it will take him at least 8 years (2 terms) to undo what has been done and to do what he promised to do. But I am patient.

  7. I am not American but i realy share your joy the world is so proud of you,american life is very influential and powerful and i liked the part where obama said america is a friend,and i wish that you can put that into practise because you are famous for being arrogant,bully and have an i know it all attitude,you are such a powerful country and i hope you open your minds and learn more about other countries and stop accepting stereotypes,the world knows more about brand america than america knows itself and i’m realy happy for you guys we share your joy because we feel your joy,the obamas give hope to the intire humanity,the world loves your products and i hope you get back at producing quality products you were known for so tired of chinese products that are over flooding our markets and they dnt have global concerns…..just practise tolerance,travel the world,do your own research about other countries and teach what you have found,love,humility,education….everyone here in south africa has been supporting obama and we have been glued to our screens since from his campaign even before,i am happy that he came to visit south africa,kenya,sudan and met our great former south african president nelson mandeala and bishop tutu before his campaign for presidency and we always joke that his face features look like a young nelson mandela but obama is so bigger than mandela or martin luther king….you guyz have the greatest president in the intire world,everyone wants a piece of him,my uncle who has lived in the u.s. for 22yrs was crying yesterday coz it was his birthday and he was filled with hope bcoz his boy is mixed and shares obamas similarities.

  8. I am so glad I took a day off from work to watch the inauguration. I have never been interested in watching the activities surrounding a change in power but this time is was compelled to do so. I chose to view the program on C-SPAN because they never give commentation during the broadcast and I was not in the mood to hear stupid remarks from broadcasters trying too hard to be relevant or witty.

    Seeing Obama’s countenance as he was being escorted to the platform will be etched into my memory forever. Some call him smug and elitist but what I saw was the confidence of a person who knows why he was put on this earth.

    I enjoyed every second of the broadcast– only leaving my bed to get a bite to eat around 3:30 PM. I also watched Oprah’s rebroadcast of a tribute to MLK which made me swell with gratitude for all those who endured and defied Jim Crow laws and second class citizenship to make this day possible.

    Paraphrasing Einstein…I can see farther because I stand on the shoulders of giants..

    My prayers are with him as he embark on the task of leading a country weakened by so much that has gone wrong.

  9. The inaguration couldn’t have gone any better. It took my breath away when they did the 21 gun salute; played ‘ Hail to the chief ‘, and the soldiers saluted that BEAUTIFUL, black man!

    I am so thankful to the Obama’s for the sacrifice they have made for America. Because of what they have accomplished, people of color all over the world are and will forever stand a little taller. I read someplace that black people all over the world are getting more involved in their communities, even the oppressed black people in Iraq.

    I have been a volunteer for years, representing two national organizations. The Obama’s have inspired me to go back to school. They make me want to have letters behind my name. They are examples of excellence. And they have inspired me to be excellent.

  10. I certainly enjoyed the Obama speech,the Inauguration,The Ballroom dance,and watching the Obamas enjoying the different marching bands in the parade.Everything was great.
    This should not only be a history making event,that goes down in history,but it should move young Blackmen to become more then just the stereotyped images we see on our television sets,drug dealers,gang bangers,street thugs,with below the waist pants and way to long tee shirts,but rather this should move them to want to live their lives to the fullest,and to it’s fullest potential.
    They no longer have to settle for second best,they don’t have to settle for being the player or coach of a certain team,now Obama showed that they can now become owners,frount office CEO’s,Vice-Presidents,and even President.
    Obama has certainly open up new doors of opportunity for young Black Men every where.
    And now Young Black Men every where let’s roll up our sleives and pull up our pants and take our place in society,as Kings and Queens,no longer subject inhumane Slavery,lynchings,Burnnings, and countless other forms of murders.
    For now a new day has arise for us to stride to be whatsoever we choose.
    My Congratulations to Barack Obama and his lovely family.

  11. I certainly enjoyed the Inaguration,the Ballroom dance,and all the bands that perticipated in the parades,everything was great.
    Barck Obama has certainly open up new doors of opportunties for young Black Men and Women everywhere,showing them that they no longer have settle for just being a team player, a team coach,but now they can become frount office CEO’s,Vice-Presidents,and even President.
    This Historic event should move young Black Men and Women to live their lives to the fullest,and to it’s fullest potential,striding for new goals, for higher heights and making a better America ,a better future for us all.
    Althoght we still have a long ways to go,I say ,We done it.

  12. President Obama’s inauguration speech was not long, but it was a tour de force in that it addressed our times.
    The President started out by saying, “… every so often the oath [of office] is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms.” He is agreeing that times are bad… people are losing their jobs and their homes, health care is way too expensive, we’re in two makes-no-kinda-sense wars. But then he switches the mood by saying, “… on this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.” He then called us all to action, a call that President Obama calls ” a new era of responsibility.” Ms. GT says that she ” want[s] to be better, be smarter, serve more, and take even more responsibility for living [her] best life.” That’s what the President was talking about. He further defined that responsibility as ” duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly.” He also said that this call to action will succeed when “imagination is joined to common purpose, and neccessity to courage.” But President Obama also added that he will do his part. He said, “Our founding fathers… drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man…. These ideals still light the world, and we will not give them up for expedience’s sake.” In other words, President Obama said that he will obey the law and respect the Constitution. The President states, in addition, that his administration will ” spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day…”.
    In all, President Obama’s speech was passionate and pleading, yet it was also sobering, stern and demanding. He has asked us to have the courage to look beyond the horizon for the solutions to our problems. And if we do that, we will see that the solutions are deep within us, within our spirit, within our very souls. What President Obama has asked to do is to join him on a journey, a voyage, a mission to discover ourselves.

  13. I love the fact that finally we have a President, that is handsome with swagger. lol. I, also love the fact that he’s just a regular guy, not impress with the over the top theatrics, that Hollywood keeps trying to pull him in. I, mean when the Hollywood actors and celebrities brought the expensive seats to sit up at the top with the WADC officials, I was like this is such a joke. Here, Obama is a man trying to change the world, and the U.S., and keeps it real by constantly showing love to working everyday Americans, and these people who are glorified everyday, had to make sure they were seen seating in the VIP section. Wow, that is sad. I, remember once Obama was asked if he was impressed by Hollywood actors paying him attention, he said, no I’m impressed by my family. and doing the Parade, it displayed his class, humble nature when he decided not to walk along the sections where the so-called VIPs were but he walked along the section where the regular people were, and the sections that were made by slaves. I, truly believe that Hollywood needs to fall back, and stop trying to make Obama into a Hollywood caricature.

    How ironic that Michelle bought Sasha and Malia dresses from J.Crew and her ball gown cost 1500 dollars and her Aun. suit cost a little more than that. And yet, there were probably celebrities and noncelebrities attire that were worth more than that. It proves that the Obamas priorities are realistic.

    Children really should look at the Obamas as real role models and not these celebrities.

  14. I was oddly detached during the whole ceremonies. I’ve been privy to the images of January 20 because they are all over the ‘net.

    However, I did take the time to go to my car, sit quietly while listening to the radio at 12:03 p.m. Eastern standard time to hear Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. That moment, right then, took my breath away.

  15. Wow. Did y’all see that? Malia and Sasha are now fashion icons. My little 10 year old great niece says she wants a blue coat just like Malia’s.

  16. Barack is inspiration and hope, he has shown the young generation that you can be something through a sound mind and a good education without being a rapper, ball player or entertainer.

  17. I loved watching every minute of it and searched all over tube for coverage on the Inaugural Balls. I couldn’t get enough of the Obamas. They just give me hope. I am inspired to reach a little higher because of Barack and Michelle. The world is watching. There has never been a better time to be young and black in this country 🙂

  18. I wasn’t able to attend, I had a mandatory meeting for my job out of town. But we were able to pile into a room to watch on a projector screen. All I could do is hold my heart. It was a proud moment. What I really loved, is that the room was filled with all races and age groups. President Obama has truly inspired a nation and the world. I am so excited for the progress that will be made! I’m ready to do my part!

  19. I know I am late on this, but have to give my 2 cents. I foremost as a Black woman, I am happy to see a Black man as our President. However I have grown sick & tired of ppl, the naysayers & critics downing this man. Everywhere u turn it is one thing or another, ppl are either hollering about the fact that he considers himself a person of color, claming he is denying the white side…. or that his ideals are far fetched. All I want is for the ppl to give this man a chance, what do we have to lose… we are a step away from rock bottom. Either way, I hope that President Obama goes in & knocks it out the ball park. I want to see him make his critics choke on their words. Some ppl are just the show me type & I feel & believe that he will do that. I am inspired by the fact that Obama has set goals for himself in this presidency & unlike many before him has set out to do just that. I am also inspired by the fact that he has NOT let any of the negatvity bring him down & he has continued to push forward. Persistence is key in this situation.

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