Zane’s ‘Addicted’ Trailer


The trailer for the big screen adaptation of Zane’s novel “Addicted,” is finally here.

Starring Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe, Williams Levy and Tasha Smith, “Addicted” tells the tale of a stressed out wife/mother and business woman who has an affair that turns sour and threatens to tear her family apart.

The film is helmed by former video director Billie Woodruff and is slated for an October 10th release.

I personally think this film may be ten years too late and won’t appeal to the audience that actually knows who Zane is. Like the Showtime series “Sex Chronicles,” I think the casting is all wrong and will not appeal to women who actually bought Zane’s books.


  1. Boo! Seen this story in The Marriage Counselor and every other Lifetime movie.

  2. I agree. The casting is all wrong. I am not a Sharon Leal fan at all. Boris is boring. They have zero black mainstream appeal.

  3. Reminiscent of a Tyler Perry/Lifetime type flick. But eh, at least the people are hot. I won’t watch it. Good luck to ’em.

  4. Sharon Leal lacks that certain umph to carry a film or bring in the black female audience. Something about her is very neutral.

    Not feeling the Latin lover either. Why couldn’t he just be black? We stay putting ppl in our films who wouldn’t put us in theirs.

  5. You folks are Hard … Give it a chance. Zane is just trying to get away from the Cinemax arena and into the movie sector.

  6. Looks interesting. I’ll give it a watch. After all, I watch movies on Lifetime just like it all the time.

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