Zoe Ever After Ratings + Brandy Beggin & Pleadin

ZOE EVER AFTER RATINGS - BRANDY RELEASES NEW MUSIC - BRANDY BEGGIN AND PLEADINPreliminary overnight ratings for Brandy’s new comedy Zoe Ever After are looking pretty good. The BET original series pulled in just over a million viewers and garnered a 1.0 in demo. Those numbers would ordinarily render a network show dead on arrival, but in cable land, especially BET, those numbers are actually worth celebrating.

It should also be noted that BET made the first episode of Zoe Ever After available for viewing online just days before its premiere. I wondered why the network would do that, as most likely it would affect the show’s premiere numbers. But based on what it takes to be renewed on BET, I can only assume they knew what they were doing.

I’m sure when final number are released BET will include the online streams. Either way, I’m happy for Brandy. Most people via Twitter seem to enjoy the show. It’s probably already a shoe-in for a second season.
And in another bit of Brandy news, the singer released a new single, Beggin & Pleadin, after Zoe Ever After wrapped up last night. The bluesy jazz number was an instant hit with fans, garnering over a 100,000 streams so far via the singer’s Sound Cloud page. If you haven’t heard the tune so far, you can give it a listen below. And if you missed Zoe Ever After, you can click here to view it. BET will also be running it again later tonight and throughout the week and weekend.


  1. Um, are you sure those are the ratings? Because cable ratings take a whole day after the air date to be officially released. so yeah, how would a blogger like yourself be so privy to release this info first hand? Nielsen hasn’t even released the ratings yet. Don’t falsify info for a hit now.

  2. I love the show and the new song “Beggin And Pleadin” is amazing!!!! Go B-Rocka!!!

  3. @Christopher You did see the word preliminary, right? The same way Hits Daily Double can tell you what an album will most likely sell in a week based on first day sales, is how networks know what a show will do despite not having all the information. And BET was too happy to send out emails to bloggers such as myself. And if you have visited here more than once, you should know that a blogger such as myself also gets to watch many shows well in advance of their air dates, including shows on ABC, Fox, NBC and all the smaller channels they own. A blogger such as myself knows quite a bit, Christopher 🙂

    And ain’t nobody gettin’ hits off of Brandy and Zoe Ever After, but nice try 😆

  4. Zoe Ever After ratings were actually much lower. I think BET added in streams to come up with the million viewers number. Brandy isn’t that big of a draw and promo was lackluster.

  5. I agree, Wendy. Early numbers show that only about 850,000 people tuned in live. Still, I am happy for Brandy and wish her much success. She is more than deserving.

  6. I thought the show was okay but the new single is amazing. Folks need to learn to ignore numbers and just enjoy the artist’s work. Fans today act like they can’t like something unless everyone else does too. If you like the show then watch it. Nuff said.

  7. Wow why are you dissing Brandy? She’s a veteran entertainer who has been around 20+ years. Your comment was hella shady. She’s a grammy winning entertainer that is highly acclaimed by her peers.

  8. If you weren’t getting view counts/hits/whatever off of posting on a topic related to Brandy, why waste your time posting the blog at all.

    I’m sure you do get to watch shows in advance. I don’t have to visit BrownSista.com to know that. Seeing that most shows are released to industry insiders and host pre-screenings. However what does that have to do with Nielsen Ratings in this circumstance? Not a damn thing. So don’t try to front and act like you know the ratings before they were officially announced by Nielsen, Not BET just because you got to view the show off a DVD Edit.
    Hits Double Daily and Nielsen Media are two different sources, two different industries. Ill wait to hear from Nielsen. That fact that even you even had to respond the way you did speaks volumes but then again you are just a blogger not a news journalist.
    I doubt the ratings were lower than the viewership of The Game, because trust and believe BET wouldn’t be sending out emails to random bloggers if it could barely pull in under 1 Million. That’s not good news are there part seeing the promo they put into it. That’s below the average for even Being Mary Jane. So Scoot because your the only blogger who has even posted ratings regarding this show, because they won’t be released until tomorrow. You thought you had an inside scoop to benefit your blog but you don’t. Live Ratings + Streaming also isn’t announced until atleast a week after viewership. You have no source.

  9. Overnight/Premilinary ratings for Cable Network Shows take a whole day after viewership to be announced. Why would one random blog have this info posted before anyone else? Especially a blog that has a minor traffic compared to other larger outlets? If these were the overnight ratings you wouldn’t be the only source posting it. Trust that Nielsen would have it posted somewhere. Along with the final ratings soon after. You’re blog is not the on scope of Hits Double Daily. You are a blogger, and you are exaggerating your “source” to pass it on as news. Bye.

  10. TVByTheNumbers also have last night’s cable ratings up for those of you who need more proof than my mere words 😆

    *Waits for Christopher to return and apologize, though angry stans rarely do.*

  11. Chris ain’t coming back. He’s somewhere crying on a Brandy message board.

    What happened to men being men? These angry wanna-be queens are getting out of hand.

  12. @Safiya I’m not dissing Brandy. My article was positive and I said she was more than deserving of her success. However, Christopher’s assertion that I posted about Zoe Ever After’s ratings for hits just isn’t logical. Brandy isn’t bringing in hits for anyone. She’s great, she’s wonderful, but I highly doubt many people were online today searching for Brandy or her show’s ratings. Some stans like Christopher think way too highly of their faves. 🙂

  13. I’m shocked Brandy has stans.
    Not being shady, but seriously she hasn’t been an a-list singer in many years.
    Of course BET would send out an e-mail claiming the show did better in the ratings than it did. Watch them be like “”Zoe Ever After’ was #1 in cable ratings for African American girls between the ages of 12 and 14 who wear braces and walk with a limp.” That’s called PR, people.
    Anyone who thought this show was going to be equal to The Game or Being Mary Jane can’t be very smart.
    You know who you are.

  14. The show aired on several different channels. BET is smart to pool all those ratings together and issue them as one. Misleading, but smart nonetheless.

  15. No need for your homophobic comments. Men can express themselves as they please.

  16. I apologize for my comments they were Unnecessary. However people are checking for Brandy, if not you wouldn’t find a need in posting several write ups about her. Don’t take the word “hits” so literally. You felt the need to post on Brandy as a subject matter because big or small it’s still a relative topic that would bring some amount of traffic to your blog. That is all.

  17. The Game was garbage, and I didn’t realize you had to be an a-lister to be stans. A lot of smaller artists and entertainers have followings. Especially Indie Artists. Don’t be naive.

  18. @Christopher – It was nice of you to apologize. I don’t write stories for hits, I write to support other black women and pass the time. I support Brandy and want her to have all the rainbows and cookies. She deserves them. 🙂

  19. Sista, I really do apologize. It wasn’t a huge deal and you were right about the ratings. I love Brandy and am a huge fan of hers. I went overboard for whatever reason crazy reason. You mind deleting my crazy rant?

  20. No more apologies needed. I used to stan for Janet Jackson hard during the early days of the Internet. Back in the day I used to get in people’s ass on the VH1 message board if anyone said anything against her. Ahhh, those were the good days. I’m old now, so I don’t curse folks out like I used too 😆

  21. Christopher, if I delete your comments I’d have to delete almost all the others or we’d all look crazy. It’s the only Internet, no one knows who you are 🙂

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