Zoe Saldana Covers Elle Magazine

Zoe Saldana Women In Hollywood Elle Magazine Cover

Zoe Saldana is the lone Brown Sista to land one of Elle Magazine’s five covers dedicated to “Women In Hollywood.” The actress, along with Katie Holmes, Juliana Moore, Emily Blunt and Renee Zelwegger will also be honored this month at the magazine’s annual Women In Hollywood gala (Oct.19). The event will pay tribute to the various achievements of women in the film industry and Zoe will be presented with the Calvin Klein Spotlight Award.


  1. Cute cover. I would love to see her face on the cover though. One black actress… SMH

  2. Half-black and latina. I would like to see her face more too, I mean she is the prettiest one out of the five. It’s not just because she’s a woman of color either..it’s just the truth.

    White-owned magazines did this before and we all know Hollyweird.

  3. Latina describes a culture and language and not a race. You can be latina AND black or white or red or brown or yellow or mixed.

  4. Elle “kills 2 birds with one stone” with this pic of Zoe. I agree with others and prefer to see her face. Just maybe the pic captures her personality: humble and demure.

  5. Go Zoe!! She is a fashionista and another one of our more underrated actresses. I’m glad Hollywood is finally taking their blinders off to Ms. Saldana.

  6. Loved Zoe in Drumline! Uhm, I have never heard of a oouple of the other “Women In Hollywood”. Five covers, huh?

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