Zoe Saldana Goes Into Details

Zoe Saldana is becoming quite the little “action whore,” a term the actress coined to describe the string of movie roles she has appeared in over the last few years. Zoe, tells Details Magazine in their December edition that she has always gravitated toward strong roles- citing such actresses as Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, and Angelina Jolie as her inspirations.

Read the actresses’ entire interview here and check out her photo shoot below.


  1. She looks good and looks like (dare I say it) Beyonce in some pics. I reme,br a photoshoot she did not to long ago almost every pic of her looked like Bey.

  2. I adore Zoe. She’s awesome, I’m glad she’s getting more roles. She has like 4 movies in production.

  3. Zoe looks like Bey? WTF?

    Are you really ‘that’ desperate to talk about Beyonce?

    Zoe has always looked like Zoe to me. God knows she’s a far better actress. *side-eye*

    Love Zoe. She looks fantastic.

  4. @KANYADE- There was like a 1940’s photoshoot she did not too long ago but I dont know for which magazine but it might be on here somewhere. Also the website I was on almost every person said Beyonce looks like her. And why would I be desperate to talk about someone? it’s just my opinion.Are you THAT desperate to say she’s a far better actress or is it just your opinion???

  5. A little thin for my tastes but I would not think twice about putting that between two slices of wheat bread and going to town!

    Heh heh.

  6. Oh okay. So everybody is saying this. Yeah. Okay.

    Happy Thanksgiving Brown Sista!

  7. So your website is acting up again or are you blocking my comments?

  8. @KAMYADE- This site won’t let me post the link, but just google Zoe Saldana Nino Munoz photo shoot and you will see in a couple of pics they kinda look alike.
    By the way I wasn’t saying she resembled her in this particular photo shoot while your gettin all snappy.

  9. i like her she can act she reminds me of the lady in the oprah movie that came back from the dead

  10. Since you posted twice thus providing me ~proof of your claims, I’ll say thanks and I still don’t see it; unless you mean the photoshoot itself with the lingerie in a boudoir like Beyonce’s GIANT spread a couple years ago. And I wasn’t being “snappy”; you sucked the maturity out of our disagreement by adding that jibe.

    Happy Tuesday Brown Sistas! 🙂

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