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Teyana Taylor’s ‘Sorry’ New Single

posted by Sista on April 17, 2014

TEYANA TAYLOR IS SORRY 140x140 Teyana Taylors Sorry New Single

Singer/Actress Teyana Taylor has finally released a new single.

The G.O.O.D. Music songstress is still working on her debut album, but in the meantime she brings us “Sorry,” a little something she says is meant to remind fans that she hasn’t forgotten about them.

Check out Teyana’s apology below and let us know what you think.
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Nicole Beharie is Coming to UP TV

posted by Sista on April 17, 2014

ABBIE MILLS Nicole Beharie is Coming to UP TV

If you missed Nicole Beharie’s independent flick “My Last Day without You” when it was unveiled in limited release last fall, never fear, the film will make its cable debut later this month via UP TV.

The flick made its original debut at several film festivals back in 2012 and walked away with awards for “Best Producer” (Brooklyn Film Festival) and “Outstanding Independent Film (Black Reel Awards).
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Video Premiere: Next Time by Keyshia Cole

posted by Sista on April 17, 2014

KEYSHIA COLE NEXT TIME VIDEO 140x140 Video Premiere: Next Time by Keyshia Cole

Singer Keyshia Cole has just unveiled the video for her new single “Next Time,” the second track to be released from her upcoming sixth solo album “Point of No Return,” due out later this year.

Keyshia called the tune “autobiographical” on Instagram, and said all fans needed to know about her failed marriage could be found within the song’s lyrics.

And whereas “Next Time” tackles the singer’s cheating husband, “Rick James,” the first single to be released from “Point on No Return,” tackles the women Keyshia says her hubby messed around with.
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PORSHA STEWART WILLIAMS MUGSHOT 140x140 Porsha Williams Booked and Released for Kenya Moore Assault

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Porsha Williams, was booked on a charge of misdemeanor battery and released by the Atlanta Police Department after voluntarily turning herself in.

The charge stemmed from an assault Porsha reportedly inflicted on fellow castmate Kenya Moore during the taping of the show’s reunion special last week.

Porsha was reportedly released on a $2,000 bond and ultimately may only have to pay a small fine and maybe do a bit of community service.
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Introducing: Cleanse by Lauren Napier

posted by Sista on April 16, 2014

CLEANSE BY LAUREN NAPIER Introducing: Cleanse by Lauren Napier

On a flight from Dubai to New York City, celebrity makeup artist LAUREN NAPIER found herself trapped in a window seat. Unable to leave her seat to refresh her face, she was struck with an idea that would change how we cleanse our skin, on the go: “I was delirious from nearly 30 hours in transit, I wanted to freshen up my face, but I couldn’t. The bulky package of cleansing wipes I had, was all dried out.”

CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is a set of twelve individually packaged facial cleansing wipes, that fits neatly into your traveling makeup bag, briefcase or evening clutch. “Because let’s face it, sometimes we want to cleanse before cocktail hour, we want to cleanse before spin class, sometimes a gal doesn’t make it home and refuses to leave her face all over his pillowcase,” laughs Lauren.
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How are You Doing… Really?

posted by Sista on April 15, 2014

HOW ARE YOU DOING How are You Doing... Really?

Its been a while since I took the time to ask my Brown Sistas and brothas how they are doing. I’ve been a bit MIA myself since mid-February, dealing with many of the curve balls life seems to throw you when you least expect it.

Like many of you, when things get rough I tend to clam up. I close down and smile, so as not to let anyone know that things are amiss.

Thinking about it a bit more, that’s probably the same thing Karyn Washington did. If only someone had looked beyond the smile and asked “How are you doing… really,?” she and others like her might still be here.
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Brandy Calls Off Engagement

posted by Sista on April 15, 2014

BRANDY AND RYAN Brandy Calls Off Engagement

Chardonnay is Back on the Market

“The Game star, Brandy Norwood, has confirmed to US Weekly that she and fiancé Ryan Press are no longer engaged.

Brandy and Ryan, a record executive, became engaged back in 2012, but haven’t been seen with each other since mid-2013. Rumors of a break-up started whirling earlier this year and finally the singer has released a statement.
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Jennifer Hudson Debuts New Music

posted by Sista on April 14, 2014

WALK IT OUT JENNIFER HUDSON Jennifer Hudson Debuts New Music

Singer Jennifer Hudson has decided to take a walk on the wild side with her new Timbaland assisted single “Walk it Out.”

The track is the second to be released from Jen’s upcoming third solo CD, due out later this year.

Jennifer calls the single her “most personal to date,” and with lyrics like “I got you hypnotized – I got you staring from the look in your eyes – you wanna walk it out with me,” I’m sure many of you can understand why.
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Remembering Karyn Washington

posted by Valerie Charles on April 14, 2014

KARYN WASHINGTON 350x165 Remembering Karyn Washington

This post is not going to be about suicide or mental health. I have read enough speculative pieces about Karyn Washington’s emotional state in the days following her passing and I do not wish to add to that canon. Instead, I want to remember how she lived and what a great impact she has had on so many of us.
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Has God Abandoned Us?

posted by A.G. Thornton on April 13, 2014

HAS GOD ABANDONED US 140x140 Has God Abandoned Us?

It is said that the root causes of all our difficulties is: human selfishness, mistaken order of values and sin. We need a new way of thinking about ourselves, about our relationship with the world and with God. In the news and daily publications, human suffering, violence, starvation, poverty, disease and war are reported daily—not to mention the pollution of our waters, air and land.

When God created us, he envisioned a world of beauty and harmony; he created the world, making it every part an expression of his wisdom and love. Humans were created in his image and likeness; he gave us dignity, an immortal soul, self-awareness and freedom. But we sinned by disobeying him, and thereby rejecting his design for creation. So the original harmony of creation was destroyed; that was the first sin…not when Cain killed his brother Abel, Genesis 4:8.
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