Video: Electric Lady by Janelle Monáe

posted by Sista on July 30, 2014

JANELLE MONAE ELECTRIC LADY VIDEO Video: Electric Lady by Janelle Monáe

Singer Janelle Monáe has just unveiled the video for “Electric Lady,” the fourth single to be released from her latest CD of the same name.

The Samsung sponsored video features Janelle looking super stylish, showing off her natural locks and curvaceous figure in a sleek black and white ensemble.
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Is a Man Ever Justified in Hitting a Woman?

posted by Kara Warner on July 30, 2014

WOMAN HITTING A MAN 350x186 Is a Man Ever Justified in Hitting a Woman?

Stephen A. Smith, co-host of ESPN First Take, has been suspended for making, what has been deemed as, impervious comments about the role women take in domestic violence.

During Friday’s airing of First Take, the Baltimore Raven’s running back, Ray Rice’s domestic violence case was being discussed amongst Smith and First Take regulars, when Smith commented that, women often times “provoke” men to act in a violent matter towards them.
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Nicki Minaj Postpones Single + Addresses Critics

posted by Sista on July 28, 2014

AMACONDA NICKI MINAJ 350x200 Nicki Minaj Postpones Single + Addresses Critics

Nicki Minaj has officially pushed back the release of her “Anaconda” single by six days. Originally scheduled to be released tomorrow, July 29th, Nicki sent out a tweet earlier this morning letting fans know it would now arrive on Monday, August 4th and more than likely, accompanied by a video.

Nicki and her team are banking on “Anaconda” to breathe new life into the hip-pop diva’s return to the music scene, which is set to kick off with the release of the raptress’ third solo album “Pink Print.”
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Internet Killed the Elusive Star

posted by Valerie Charles on July 27, 2014

SOCIAL MEDIA AND CELEBRITIES 140x140 Internet Killed the Elusive Star

The title of this piece is a hint back to a 1980’s song called, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” I first heard the song over a decade ago in a documentary celebrating the creation of MTV. In the documentary, it was relayed over and over again how MTV’s creation ushered in a new era of music that demanded musical acts to not only sound good but also look good, providing stimulating and engaging imagery for their music.
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Keyshia Cole Unveils New Album Cover

posted by Sista on July 25, 2014

KEYSHIA COLE POINT OF NO RETURN ALBUM COVER 140x140 Keyshia Cole Unveils New Album Cover

With her “Point of No Return” album set for a late summer/early fall release, singer Keyshia Cole finally took to her Instagram page to unveil the album’s cover.

Via Twitter, Keyshia said she often feels alone and that the cover (showing her leaning on a parked car alongside a deserted highway) is a visual interpretation of where her life is personally and professionally.

Since the release of her 2012 album “Woman to Woman,” Cole has separated from her husband Daniel Gibson, and come under intense media scrutiny for her comments about fellow singers.
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Tika Sumpter Works the Black Film Festival

posted by Sista on July 25, 2014

TIKA SUMPTER 2014 BFF 140x140 Tika Sumpter Works the Black Film Festival

Actress Tika Sumpter and the rest of the cast of Universal’s James Brown biopic “Get on Up,” hit up the Black Film Festival earlier to week to preview the film for fans and critics.

Tika plays the role of Yvonne Fair, a one-time back-up singer for Brown, who went on to record for Motown Records and also appeared in the film “Lady Sings the Blues” alongside Diana Ross.
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Alicia Keys Joins the Voice

posted by Sista on July 24, 2014

ALICIA KEYS JOINING THE VOICE AS MENTOR 140x140 Alicia Keys Joins the Voice

Alicia Keys is joining “The Voice.”

Alicia will be joining the singing competition in the upcoming season to mentor the team led by new coach Pharrell Williams.

The R&B powerhouse tweeted the news late last night, saying her “Happy” pal personally invited her to join his team and that she was more than happy to accept.
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Michelle Williams Previews New Music

posted by Sista on July 22, 2014


Singer Michelle Williams is previewing new music from her upcoming fourth solo album “Journey to Freedom,” due out September 9th.

Via her Facebook page, Michelle has made samples of two singles available, “Everything” and “Need Your Help.”

Michelle calls her new sound gospel inspired pop and says she hopes fans can feel the love she put into each single.
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Video: Conqueror by Estelle

posted by Sista on July 22, 2014

Estelle Conqueror Video 140x140 Video: Conqueror by Estelle

British export Estelle is back with the visually stunning video for her new single “Conqueror.”

The self-penned ballad is all the about the spirit of survival, and thus the soulful diva has chosen to keep things simple, choosing to focus on the beauty of the human body and the song’s powerful lyrics.

It has been almost six years since Estelle burst onto the U.S. music scene with her single “American Boy,” and since then the singer says it has been a struggle to keep up with the changing landscape of modern music.
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Video: Believe by Ashanti

posted by Sista on July 22, 2014

ASHANTI BELIEVE VIDEO 140x140 Video: Believe by Ashanti

“Rain on Me” songstress Ashanti teams up with a host of R&B and hip-hop artists for the single and video “Just Believe,” a PSA for Michelle Obama’s “Partnership for a Healthier America” initiative.

Ashanti called working with the First Lady “inspiring,” and says she hopes the campaign helps inspire young people to lead healthier lives.
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Preview 2nd ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 2 Trailer

posted by Sista on July 19, 2014

SEASON 2 SLEEPY HOLLOW CAST POSTER 350x242 Preview 2nd Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Trailer

Along with another preview, Fox has released the official cast photo for season two of their break-out supernatural drama “Sleepy Hollow.”

As previously reported, Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) and John Noble (Henry Parrish/Jeremy/War) have been upgraded to cast regulars, joining Nicole Beharie (Abbie Millis), Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane), Orlando Jones (Captain Frank Irving) and Katia Winter (Katrina Crane).
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Self Care in the Age of Social Media

posted by Valerie Charles on July 19, 2014

SOCIAL MEDIA 140x140 Self Care in the Age of Social Media

In the age of social media it can feel as if everyone is living a fast-paced, glamorous life except you. We instagram everything – our dinners, gifts, vacations and lovers. In such overt displays of “happiness” we can find ourselves (sub-consciously) aiming to match our friends, or even trying to best them at their game.

I think I’m a pretty secure person. Years of therapy have proven that I am quite honest when it comes to myself. I’m able to see my flaws, able to say yes and no for the most part and mean it. But lately, I’ve had to realize that I have given into this need to be living “that” lifestyle. I was starting not to remember the last time I said no to an event or gathering, immediately determining that my life and my finances came first before my desire to please.
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